Ultimate Guide to Parks and Playgrounds in the Western Suburbs

Nothing beats spending some time outside! And there definitely isn’t a shortage of parks and playgrounds in our area! No matter what age your kids are, you are sure to find great playgrounds for them to enjoy in our guides to the best parks and playgrounds in the western suburbs below. Click on any of the titles to see the full article.

Parks and Playgrounds

These are great lists that you can use to find what type of park you are looking for!

All-Around Best Parks and Playgrounds in the Western Suburbs
Kidlist readers came up with the best of the west! Our kids had a wonderful time checking out all of the parks, took photographs, and played around to try everything out.

New Playgrounds
Stay up to date with what’s going on and enjoy a brand-new playground in our area.

Best Parks for Toddlers
Get the inside info on the best playgrounds built for toddlers in the western suburbs.

Fenced-In Parks for Toddlers
Take your little ones to play without worrying about them taking off or running into the street before you can catch them.

American Ninja Warrior-Style Parks
These ninja challenge courses are great ways to test your strength, have fun, and get in a really good workout.

Skate Parks
This list makes it easy for you to venture to a city nearby or find a hometown spot to ride, slide or maybe even ollie.

Inclusive Playgrounds
ADA accessible swings, wheelchair access, equipment at ground level, and more! Kids of all ages and abilities can play together and have plenty to enjoy at these parks.

Best Mulch-Free Playgrounds
You are going to love these colorful, mulch-free playgrounds! Check out the fun rubbery and soft surfaces in our area.

Best Parks with Paved Walking Paths
Take a walk on these paved paths and stop to play at the playground. Photographs and descriptions of the parks are included in this one.

Walking Playground Tour in Oak Brook
Visit three different playgrounds as you walk along a peaceful, winding path. This article has a map and photos of each play area to enjoy.

Parks with Sand
Kids love sand. So whether you are seeking out parks with sand to please the kiddos and let their imagination run wild, or avoiding sand like the plague, you are going to want to check out this list.

Dog Parks and Off-Leash Areas
Find out where you can bring your dog to let them off of their leash and dog parks to socialize your furry friend.

Playground Profiles

If you are interested in more ideas for outdoor activities, check out Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Western Suburbs. We also have guides for each age group and you might enjoy our Guide to Splash Pads and Spray Parks.