New Ninja Warrior Challenge Course at Walker Park and Playground Renovation

Pleasant Dale Park District added a Challenge Course in the style of American Ninja Warrior, designed for kids 13 years old and up! They also renovated their 5-12 year old playground to include a Disc Net climber with double swoosh slide, tight-rope bridge, boogie board, and a sky rail climber. The mulch has also been replaced with poured-in-place rubber surfacing. 

The Challenge Course has various components and a starting line in the poured rubbery surface. There isn’t a timer built into the park, but it would be fun to use your phone timer to have a competition with friends or against your own time.

The park district suggestions that you check for wet or hot surfaces before use and that you remove jewelry and tuck in drawstrings before starting the course for safety.

There’s also fitness equipment next to this section of the park so you can work out while your kids play.

Between the Challenge Course and playgrounds is a sand play area and swings.

This new section of the playground was built for 5-12 year olds. Check out the big double slide!

The boogie board is on the left and there are plenty of opportunities to climb.

This whole section of the playground used to be mulch, but is now a poured surface.

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Walker Park is also a great place to walk! If you head south of the playground, you come across this huge gazebo to rest in the shade and have a picnic. There’s a bridge just beyond there and winding paths throughout.

We’re thrilled that there’s now a ninja course in Burr Ridge and love all the improvements from Pleasant Dale Park District!

Walker Park
7425 S. Wolf Road
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

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