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Rehm Park was recently renovated with brand new playground equipment, artificial turf, paths, and a bathroom. It’s a beautiful space with dappled sunlight and plenty of opportunities to climb, slide, spin, and play. The hand-powered trains are still there too, which are always a hit.

Right across the street, a rich and colorful atmosphere await your family at the Oak Park Conservatory. This hidden nature oasis of the western suburbs is such a neat and uplifting place to visit with your kids… and it’s free. You’ll love the winding paths, lush atmosphere, and talking parrots!

Rehm Park

A variety of equipment at Rehm Park provides fun for all ages! The artificial turf is soft under your feet and has good give so there aren’t any skinned knees. The trees throughout the park provide great shade.

Next to this section of the playground is a gaga ball pit, outdoor ping pong table, and bags game.

There’s a large disc swing…

and a great merry-go-round too.

This smaller playground area is popular with toddlers and there are also baby swings and zip lines to enjoy.

The train track remains, so you can play in the center of the tracks while waiting for your turn.

Rehm Park Trains

The hand-powered trains at Rehm Park have been popular for decades, so we were happy that they were preserved. The circular track travels around the red playground pictured above. Train rides are free and your kids can propel themselves by turning the wheel with their hands while sitting on the seat.

The Rehm trains are available for use on weekends through October 31 from 11am-1pm.

Oak Park Conservatory

Explore three garden showrooms at the conservatory including a Mediterranean Room, Tropical Room and Desert Room — each with its own unique personality. There are small waterfalls and a koi pond in the rooms, and an outdoor discovery garden as well.

Oak Park Conservatory is free. They ask that you sign in upon arrival, but do not require advanced registration.

Besides the beauty and vibrancy that await you along the paths, do not miss the very engaging talking parrots! George, Sarah and Skipper are fun to converse with.


Neither destination has food for purchase, but you are welcome to pack a lunch and/or snacks to enjoy on one of the new benches.

There are a couple places to grab a treat closeby. Check out Hole In The Wall Ice Cream located around the corner at 901 1/2 S Oak Park Avenue (about a 5 minute walk) for some delicious soft serve custard or frozen yogurt. We just got word that they closed for the season on October 3, 2021, but it’s a great place to keep in mind for next spring. There’s also Oak Park Bakery, located at 904 S Oak Park Avenue, where you can pick up some of the tastiest cookies, pastries, breads and pies.


There are wheelchair accessible restrooms at Oak Park Conservatory and a Portland loo was added to Rehm Park as part of the renovations. It’s tucked behind the fire station by the sand volleyball courts and pool.


Rehm Park is open dawn until dusk. Oak Park Conservatory is closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am-4pm.


Oak Park Conservatory is free and donations are appreciated (suggested donation of $5/person).

Rehm Park has equipment for all ages. Oak Park Conservatory is on the small side, but with the koi pond, paths, waterfalls, and the outdoor space, there is plenty to explore for little ones. Tweens and teens also get a kick out of the talking parrots, so there is something for everyone there.

Best Days/Times To Go

Weekends are slightly busier at the conservatory, but anytime is a perfect time to visit. It’s truly a year-round retreat!

Special Needs Accommodations

There is a wheelchair accessible ramp to the entrance of Oak Park Conservatory and bathrooms inside also accommodate special needs. Once you get inside, everything is on the same level, so there aren’t any stairs to contend with.

The zip line at Rehm Park has a bucket seat with a harness. The merry-go-round is at the same level as the ground with wide, wheelchair accessible entrances.

Location/Contact Info

Rehm Park
515 Garfield Street
Oak Park, IL 60304

Oak Park Conservatory
615 Garfield Street
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 725-2400

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  • The new playground equipment in Rehm Park is amazing and offers lots of entertainment for kids of all ages!! However, the sand pit play equipment has been removed and now a very special part of the play experience is lacking. The first place kids, their families, Grands, and Nannies met and played together was at the sand pit! The sand play area and equipment introduced kids to STEM activities by using the pulley system, scooping, measuring, and using the funnels and tubes to form mountains and make buildings. I was also thrilled because the sand area play equipment afforded so many opportunities for cooperative play! I’m a Grandma , retired from teaching, who’s been caring for two of my children’s kids and has frequented Rehm Park on numerous occasions over the years. I’m happy with what’s been provided, but I feel that the Oak Park Park District missed the boat by removing one of the two play areas that set this park apart from so many others – the train (luckily it’s still available) and the sand play area, which is sorely missed!

  • It’s always super fun to stop on the nearby bridge above the highway to wave to the passing cars, trucks, and CTA trains, too!


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