Learn To Write Now Inspires Kids to Write and Read with Confidence

I had the pleasure of meeting Aruna and Shaju Davis at their new location of Learn To Write Now in South Naperville and am excited to share with you what they do and how your kids can benefit from their expertise and passion for teaching kids how to succeed in writing, reading, grammar, public speaking, test preparation, and more! This article is sponsored by Learn To Write Now, but all opinions are my own.

Learn To Write Now started in the Davis home about ten years ago and since then they have taught over 1400 students! This past July, they found a wonderfully cheerful space in South Naperville, off of Route 59. The second I walked in, I could tell how much thought and care went into designing and decorating the space so it was both functional and pleasant to spend time in. There are great tables for students to work and collaborate, spaces to display student work, plenty of wall space for seasonal fun and teaching, and even a Rockstar Writer corner for students to share their masterpieces.

Aruna Davis’ passion for awakening and nurturing the love of writing is apparent as soon as I started talking with her. The motto of Learn To Write Now (LTWN) is Write. Learn. Succeed. and the teachers challenge every student to perform at the highest level of excellence. They do not have an “everyone gets a trophy” mentality, which is great because it really encourages the kids to do their best and improve! They inspire every student to fully enjoy the learning process by constantly providing them an effective and engaging purpose, audience, tools, and techniques. Click here to read reviews and testimonials from parents.

The Feedback Loop

Feedback is one of the most important tools LTWN uses to help students learn and hone their skills. The teachers read each draft that their students turn in and add comments and suggestions that can be used to improve. They estimated that for every hour that a student spends in their workshops, the teachers spend another hour giving constructive feedback for their students. This attention and dedication make LTWN unique and such a valuable opportunity for our kids.

What You Can Do At Home

Besides the importance of a feedback loop, LTWN also emphasizes the importance of continuing the work at home. They give students about 20 minutes of work to do at home each day to aid in their learning. Aruna also mentioned a few tips that you can use at home to reinforce their learning, such as displaying writing on your refrigerator like you would with paintings and drawings, being an example by letting your kids see you reading, buying the same book for child and yourself so you can read separately and have check in to have conversations about it, and encouraging your child to free write at least five minutes a day. She is a wealth of information and such a great resource!

The Benefits of Writing

At Learn To Write Now, they believe that learning through writing helps students…

  • Organize their thoughts
  • Remember important information
  • Search for evidence and solve problems
  • Reflect on a wider range of perspectives
  • Learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences
  • Facilitate students to acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the content in all school subjects

Hence, irrespective of the workshop the student is enrolled in, all learning will take place through a thoughtful process of writing so the learning becomes permanent and purposeful.

Workshops at Learn To Write Now

LTWN offers the following workshops and opportunities for kids kindergarten through high school to develop their skills:

  • Writers’ Workshop
  • Readers’ Workshop
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Workshop
  • Grammar/Essays – Middle School(MSGE) & High School (HSGE)
  • Honors/AP English – Essays & Grammar
  • CogAT/ITBS/GATES Test Prep Workshop
  • PSAT/SAT Workshop
  • Public Speaking & Debate Workshop–
  • College Admission Essays
  • Creative Writing

Their students have a platform to publish work both inside and outside the workshops. At the end of each session, the students are given a nice portfolio of all of their work that they can be proud of and they have even helped students have their work published in journals such as the National Poetry Digest.

Schedule and How to Register

Learn To Write Now offers after school sessions in the categories above. Click here to view the schedule.

Register by clicking the Sign Up button on their website. If you have questions, you can call them at (630) 605-7516 or email admin@learntowritenow.com.

About the Founder/Director, Aruna Davis

Aruna Davis has a B.S. in Engineering and MBA in MIS. She is a writing coach with 15+ years of experience and remembers the first and last names of most, if not all, of her 1,400 students (impressive!). Aruna is an avid reader and writer in a addition to being the proud mom of a high school sophomore musician and a seventh grade gymnast. She is the PTA President, active community volunteer, teen mentor, and transformational coach. If she could choose one word to describe herself, it would be MERAKI. I had to look that one up (*wink) and completely agree once I did. Here’s the definition from definition.net:

“This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it.”

Learn To Write Now
2960 Artesian Rd, #120
Naperville, IL 60564
(630) 605-7516

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You can also find Learn To Write Now on our resource page for tutoring services.

Shannan from Between Us Parents also visited Learn To Write Now and shared more tips and ideas in her article titled, Tips to help kids become better writers from the founder of Learn to Write Now.

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