The Best Local Activities for Elementary Kids Ages 6–8

Kindergarten is the age when parents can breathe a collective sigh of relief. You’re no longer carrying a diaper bag around or worried that your toddler is going to run from you at the park. Celebrate this new independence by trying out places that may have felt intimidating before. These top activities are perfect for elementary-aged children as they transition into big-kid fun!

Things to Do with Elementary Kids Ages 6-8 in the West Suburbs

Classic Fun for Kids and Parents

You probably enjoyed these activities as a kid! These are great family activities that offer a chance for everyone to bond:

  • Is your child showing more of a competitive side? Challenge them to a round of miniature golf. For first timers, we went to Miner Mike’s Adventure Golf in Downers Grove, which is a great value and right next to McCollum Park for even more fun.
  • Get your popcorn ready! Check out these outdoor movies for families in the western burbs for a fun outing!
  • No matter the age, parents and kids love quality one-on-one time together. Check out this list for kid-parent date ideas to enjoy a night out for just you two!

Learning Fun for Ages 6–8

As your child moves into elementary school, their passions really start to come alive. As a toddler, my daughter wanted to do everything. She’s starting to realize there are things she enjoys more than others, and wants to embrace her interests:

  • Paint and pottery classes are perfect for introducing your child to the arts. Jill recently updated our list, and it’s an amazing resource!
  • As kids begin to read and engage with longer stories, history can really come alive. Our round-up of kid-friendly history museums is a great resource for finding a spot that will resonate with your kids. Even if you’d prefer to stay outside, you’ll still find lots of chances to learn about history, from the tanks at Cantigny Park to the Dinosaurs at Brookfield Zoo.

Playgrounds for Elementary-Aged Children

After spending so much time in the classroom, these kids are ready to get outside! Our list of the best playgrounds for elementary school-aged kids is a great resource; it features bigger parks like Harvester Park in Burr Ridge and Berens Park in Elmhurst that have plenty to do for school-age kids.

Our lists of best playgrounds and new and improved playgrounds will be great to check as well.

Check out one of the ultimate ninja Warrior parks in the western suburbs. Check out my recent review of Meineke Ninja Park!

More Outdoor Activities for Elementary Schoolers

Looking for more outdoor fun? School-age kids need time to run around more than ever!

  • Stretch those legs and get out for a walk at a park with a walking path, or a tree-lined trail. Lyman Woods and Waterfall Glen are both great options.
  • If your elementary-aged child is exhibiting more endurance, these family fun runs are great ways to introduce your child to the sport!
  • Make a weekend enjoying the great outdoors. Since our winters can be rough, the summer is the time to be outside, so go bike riding, camping and fishing. This age is perfect, as they can help carry gear and have a longer attention span to enjoy the wilderness. Check out Mallard Lake in Hanover Park.
  • Kayaks, paddleboats, boats, and canoes are a lot more fun with this age, since they can start to help with everything involved! Herrick Lake and Blackwell are both popular spots.
  • As children begin to learn more about the world around them, their appreciation for nature deepens. A fun-filled afternoon on a farm can help children see more of the beauty in nature.
  • Go on a treasure hunt! Explore your neighborhood or another one across town by hunting for geocaches.

Looking for ideas for another age group?

Click here to be taken to the main Activities by Age page so you can find local places to go for every age range.

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