Review: Forest the Fox’s Playbox in Westchester

Fox’s Playbox at the Westchester Park District is a great find for the toddler set!

forest the fox playbox

Is there ample parking? Can you park close?

  • There are several diagonal spots right in front of the building.

playbox tunnelHow much does it cost?

  • $3 per child.

When are they open?

  • M – F 12-7, Saturdays – call, as they have a number of birthday parties, and Sunday 9-12

When is the best time or day to go? When is it the least crowded?

  • Sunday morning is a quieter time to go. Weekdays before school age kids get out of school is also less busy.

Was it crowded when you went? or About how many kids were there when you went?

  • We went on a Sunday morning and were the only ones there. Another family came just as we were leaving.

playboxAre there public bathrooms? Is there a changing table? Are the bathrooms kid-friendly?

  • There are public bathrooms. In the play area is a kid-friendly bathroom with changing table.

Is there a private space to nurse?

  • No.

What was your child’s favorite part of the play area? Least favorite?

  • The climbing incline and the slides were the boys favorite. There was no least favorite part.

What was your favorite part? Least favorite?

  • The space is compact, so easy to keep tabs on a couple toddlers at once. No least favorite part.

playbox infant areaIs it clean?

  • Yes, it is new and very clean.

Was the staff friendly? Attentive? Pleasant?

  • Yes, helpful and attentive on our first visit.

Is food allowed? Are there designated snack areas? Is food sold there?

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the playroom, however there are some tables in the lobby area for snacks. Food is not sold there.

What ages do you feel the play area caters to?
Is there an infant/baby area? Toddler friendly?

  • Caters to 2-5 year olds. There is an infant/baby area, although with minimal equipment. One pack and play, a bouncy chair and two exersaucers.

Forest the Fox’s Playbox
10835 Wakefield Street
Westchester, IL 60154

Review by: Carolyn and Dylan & Charlie Wyness (almost 3 y.o.)

Thanks Carolyn! If anyone has something to add feel free to comment below.
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  1. thanks for your great review and info- because of it, I took my 2 year old daughter today and we had a great time! This is really a hidden gem!

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