Kids Eat Free
Find a place where kids eat free in the near western suburbs every day of the week!

Where to Get Your Child’s Hair Cut
Local hair salons that specialize in children’s haircuts.

Parent and Child Exercise
Parent and child workouts, prenatal classes and fitness classes with child care that don’t require a membership.

Birthday Party Locations and Entertainment
This huge guide filled with all the best kids birthday party options will help you book a party to remember.

Children’s Shoe Stores
This guide provides a nice variety for every budget… you’ll find department stores, children’s stores, shoe boutiques, factory outlets, discount stores and upscale consignment options.

Music Approved for Kids *and* Parents
Tunes that the whole carpool can enjoy (not just the kids)!

Homeschooling Guide
Find groups, co-ops, resources, activities, sports, and the answers to commonly asked questions.

Summer Camps for Kids
In this guide you will find camps for all ages toddler through teen and activities, including dance, gymnastics, STEM, engineering, science, nature, art, cooking, theater, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse, golf, volleyball, ecology, archeology, history, baking, cake decorating, crafts, reading, voice, music, games, field trips, and outdoor adventures. Choose from the best summer camps in the western suburbs!

Family Photographer Guide
Descriptions of what each photographer offers, along with contact information and samples of their work to help you find the perfect fit.

Spring Resale Guide
All of the local resales and consignment sales by date.

Meal Delivery Services and Dinner Kits
Local options for your family or to help others who may be in need of a prepared meal.

Preschool and Daycare Guide
This guide is split into three sections: Preschool, Daycare, and Preschool with Extended Care (child care outside the hours of 9am – 3pm), then organized by town.

Parent Meetups and Mom Groups
Making connections with other parents is HUGE. Seeing a friendly face during the day, getting out to the park together, having trusted friends to text with funny stories. Where to start? We’ve put together a list of great places to meet other parents.

Games To Play With Big Families
Our picks for games to play at family reunions, family parties, and with big families in general.

Tips for Traveling with Kids
A list of ideas to keep your sanity intact while traveling with kids and ways to keep them occupied.

Family Vacation Spots
Recommended places to vacation with comments from readers.

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips
You will find everything from what to do if you have morning (or all day!) sickness, pregnancy dental care tips for each trimester and postpartum, do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, and more.

5 Tips To Make Your Next Photo Session a Success
Parents want everything to look right, the kids to behave, the weather to be perfect, and it can be daunting. Check out this article for ways to make your time successful and pleasant.

Bakeries for Birthday Cakes
A list of reader recommended spots to buy a delicious birthday cake.

Girls Birthday Party Themes for At Home Parties
Ideas for at-home birthday parties and how to pull them off.

Winter Car Seat Safety Tips
Ways to keep kids safe and warm, from an expert in the field.

Holiday Gift Guide
We’ve scoped out all the new toys and games this season and chose our favorites. The main focus was, “Would I buy this for my kids? Do I want this in my house?” and the answer is yes for all of the following gift ideas, not to mention that kids also think they are awesome.

Locally Owned Bookstores and Toy Stores
It is no secret that when you shop locally owned, independent businesses more money is kept in the community. Not only is it convenient, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at these independent stores are truly experts in their field.

Volunteering with Kids
Help teach values of charity, generosity, and gratitude. Plus, giving back as a family can be a ton of fun!

Where To Take Fall Family Photographs
Places for wonderful photographs of your family, with images and locations for each.

Healthy Snack Ideas
Thirty one options for healthy snacks that kids will eat.

Ways to Earn Cub Scout Badges and Other Activities for Scouts
Find local ways that kids can earn scout badges and participate in fun activities together.

Best Apps for Kids
In this age of technology, I think all parents can agree that screen time for children can be a double-edged sword. Favoring the “everything in moderation” standard, here are a few our our favorite incredibly engaging and educational app picks.

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