Classes for Kids in the Western Suburbs

What is your child interested in? On this page you can find lists of various classes for kids to encourage learning, fun, and exploring different disciplines. When you click on each type of class, you will find that it is organized by town. I highly recommend contacting a few locations that interest you and asking if you can observe or if they offer free trial classes that your child can try before registering. Get a feel for the location, style of instruction, structure of the class and teacher personalities.

Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids 0-5 Years Old
Check out this list if you’re looking for things to do with your baby, toddler, or pre-K kiddo. Find info about dance, swimming, music, gymnastics, soccer language, art, and other resources you will find helpful.

Art Classes and Other Locations For Creativity
Whether it is a class or workshop, or maybe an art-inspired party you seek, grab your art supplies… it’s time to get drawing, painting and sculpting!

Find classes that teach everything from ballet and tap to Irish dance, jazz and hip hop. All of these studios welcome boys as well as girls in the their classes. The earliest age you can enroll your children is included as well.

Cooking Classes
Do you have a mini chef in your house? We’ve found some really great classes around town for junior chefs. Some of them are even free. Bon appetit!

Gymnastics and Tumbling
Find local gymnastics gyms that offer classes for all ages. Many of the locations also offer weekly open gym times for children as young as 18 months old.

Music Classes
Lessons that suit a wide range of ages in the areas of group, private, voice and various instruments listed by town.

Safety Villages
Learn about traffic rules, fire safety, railroad crossings, and more in a safe environment. Most of these safety towns are programs for incoming kindergarteners, but there are options for other ages as well. Check out the list for locations, dates, ages, costs and other details.

Leagues, classes, and camps for all ages.

Indoor Swim Lessons
Find a pool near you that offers swimming lessons all year round.

Yoga Classes for Kids
Yoga is a wonderful physical activity for children that will teach them balance, focus and increase flexibility… not to mention, the mental benefits of relaxation and stress reduction. Some studios are even scheduling classes for kids at the same time as the adult classes!

Ice Skating Lessons

Indoor Soccer
Soccer encourages teamwork, strategy, and friendly competition at age-appropriate levels and helps improve gross motor skills. Find a team or class for your child from 18 months to 18 years old.

Basketball Teams and Skill Building
There are lots of great programs that start skill building as young as kindergarten and progress on through high school. From recreational leagues to the more competitive travel teams, we’ve got a nice list for your future basketball player!

Martial Arts Classes
Martial arts and karate classes for kids are a great way to boost discipline, self-esteem, and fitness. Find a class near you on this list of options.