Unlikely Places For Fun

The weather is chilly and gray… how about turning regular places into something fun? It seems like my kids have as much fun at these places as an amusement park sometimes!

unlikely places for fun

1200 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Glenview, IL 60025

This one is a bit of a hike but there are tons of things for kids there… a bubble maker, perpetual movement ball machine, huge fish tank, water fountains, a screen where your shadow can affect the path of falling balls.

Bass Pro Shops
709 Janes Ave
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Bass Pro has tons of stuff for kids to check out! There are several family events, and a 14,000 gallon aquarium which hosts over 200 species of salt water fish, and plenty of equipment for kids to try out for size.

750 E. Boughton Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Ikea isn’t just for meatballs and furniture! My kids all have a good time at Ikea, they have a small play area with toys and the kids meals are $2.49 each.

6100 East Avenue
Hodgkins, IL 60525
The moving walkway is the key feature here.

Western Springs Historic Water Tower
The Western Springs Water Tower has a children’s play space that is open to the public on Saturdays 10am-12pm on Saturdays for free.

Family-Friendly Weekend Events: October 16–18 and Beyond

Stores with Toddler Carts
Just simply letting your kids push the cart and giving them the responsibility of arranging the food in their cart can be an activity in itself!

Did we miss an unlikely spot where you and your child enjoy playing? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author

Liz Haskins
Liz is a mom of three equally active and adorable sons, aged six, eight and twelve. As a child, her family moved to Western Springs from Central Illinois, and she and her husband are thrilled to raise their own family here. She works two days a week as a medical assistant, so she tries to fill her time with the boys outside of school with activities that they can all enjoy. This winter, they’ve enjoyed swimming at a few indoor pools, and the boys love going to zoos and children’s museums. In the summer they love to do anything outdoors; they try to hit a different park every week! Their go-to for indoor days are open play spaces that have a range of activities to accommodate her children’s age differences. Outside of being a mom and working, Liz’s passions are photography, reading, and, as an extrovert, she loves meeting new people and connecting over mutual interests.

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  1. Libraries all over have incorporated children’s play spaces. We go to Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park

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