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TreeTop Escape, found inside West Chicago Park District’s ARC Center, is a newly updated, one-of-a-kind indoor play area perfect for burning off extra energy. Whether climbing to the third level, or sliding down the tube slides, visitors will have fun exploring this rainforest-themed space. My son, who loves animals, pretended to be a fish in the river, and immediately spotted the large tiger on top of the tree.

As a parent, I couldn’t help but notice how clean everything was, and the detail that went into the design of the space. One important rule to note before you go: all guests in the play area need socks, so don’t forget them for your children (and you, too!) Below I’ve outlined details about what you’ll find on your visit to TreeTop Escape in West Chicago.

TreeTop Escape in West Chicago

Features of the TreeTop Escape

The main attraction of the TreeTop Escape is the large rainforest tree structure in the middle of the room. This space, which is recommended for visitors ages 4 through 12 years old, is huge. There are multiple levels, with three large slides coming off the tree. One medium slide, comes off the front of the structure, while two large ones come off the back.

Within the main structure, kids will play inside smaller huts, decorated with a small hopscotch, mirrors, and other interactive features. Some of the climbing spaces are narrower, so wear comfortable clothing if you think you’ll need to go up for any reason.

A small ramp leads from the main tree structure to a smaller tree, which contains two toddler-sized slides next to each other. It’s always nice when these play spaces have a smaller spot for younger siblings. With access stairs right next to it, my 4-year old went up and down this countless times while I could watch him safely navigate it himself. He also loved crawling through the “cave” underneath the tree, with openings on the sides for access.

To add to the main attraction, this play space also includes a smaller play area for your littlest visitors. A large foam mat area, as well as an enclosed infant fence are separated off into a small room (with clear walls), so that big kids are able to play more freely without bumping little visitors.

The last thing we found to play with was the “Giggle Box,” a large table-like structure situated near the bathrooms. On top of the table is a wheel, that when turned, makes noises that encourage laughter. We listened to other people’s laughter, and couldn’t help but giggle ourselves.


Food and drink are not allowed on the TreeTop Escape play structure. Guests are welcome to eat their own food and drinks at the designated tables.


There is a single-occupancy bathroom right in the room of the TreeTop Escape. Visitors will also find a changing table in this bathroom.


Open play at TreeTop Escape is available Monday through Thursday, from 12:00pm – 3:00pm, and 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Hours on Friday are from 12:00pm – 6:00pm, Saturday from 8:00am – 6:00pm, and Sunday from 12:00pm – 6:00pm. These may change, so check their website for holiday hours and schedule changes.


Residents will pay $8 for a visit, while non-residents are charged $12. Pricing was updated in September 2022 and is subject to change.

Recommended Ages

While guests of any age are welcome, the main “attraction” is the large tree structure, which is recommended for ages 4-12 years old. My son, who is 4, was able to comfortably navigate climbing. The two large slides are steep, so depending on the comfort level of your child, they may prefer to stick to the smaller ones. While every child is different, I’d think 5 or 6 years old is the ideal age for visiting this space.

Best Days/Times To Go

My son and I visited on a Monday afternoon, and we were the only ones in the facility. Weekday afternoons are the quietest time of the week, as older kids are still in school.

Special Needs Accommodations

Unlike many children’s facilities, there is no music or sound playing in the background. While this makes it a sensory-friendly space, there are a few projectors shining the waterfall and river along the floor and walls. While they aren’t intense, it is something to consider if your child may be bothered by this. The room itself is on the main level of the ARC, but the play structure itself includes stairs for climbing.

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