Where to Meet Other Moms: Mom Groups, Playgroups, Virtual Meetups, and More

Resources for Families

Becoming a parent is in today’s “Instagram-perfect” society isn’t always the easiest to maneuver. No matter how experienced or capable we think we are when it comes to parenting, we can all use some support. Parent groups and playgroups are so helpful in adjusting to your new lifestyle and role!

I’ve discovered my own “mom tribe” from joining playgroups and finding parents who have children with similar ages to mine and parents that have the same values as mine. I can’t imagine parenthood without having friends to turn to with questions, and open ears to listen when I’m struggling. The western suburbs of Chicago are home to thousands of sociable moms and dads looking to connect over their kids, and they’re finding ways to keep the connection going safely during the pandemic, with online meetings and more.

Parent Groups and Playgroups in the Western Suburbs

While many groups have in-person meetings on hold, there are still ways to connect online. Some groups are hosting Zoom cocktail hours, hosting support group video calls, connecting via social media, and more. So if you’re interested in making connections, check out the groups below and see what they’re offering. (As an added bonus, when in-person gatherings are back in business, you’ll already know some friendly faces!)

Mom/Family Groups

Local Woman’s Clubs

Newcomer Groups

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Groups

MOPS programming is available at churches throughout the Western suburbs. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are welcome and these groups often form playgroups. You may also find MOMSNext groups for families with school-aged children.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Mom Fitness Groups

In Rachel’s article on ways to exercise with kids, she also found lots of mom-centric fitness classes nearby. Here are a few to get you started:

Facebook Mom Groups

Other Ways to Connect

  • Many Indoor Playgrounds have baby and toddler times where you can meet other parents and start a playgroup. These are mostly on pause for now, but a great option when they begin opening back up again.
  • Search Meetup.com for groups that reflect your own interests. Don’t limit yourself to mom groups!
  • Check out Bible Study Fellowship classes in our area. Most offer both daytime and evening studies.
  • There are great music and swimming class options in our guide to Classes for Little Kids 0-5 Years Old that you can sign up for with your little ones, especially as things begin opening back up.

Our Kidlist Community Group on Facebook is another great way to connect with local families! See you over there!

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  • Hi Annie! Downes Grove Area Newcomers is a social group with tons of family, kids, women only, and playgroup options. Elmhurst Newcomers and Neighbors does as well.

  • Elena Parlatore
    September 26, 2018 2:46 pm

    Do you know of any groups for Stay-at-home dads?

    • We always keep our eyes open for them, but don’t know of any unfortunately. I asked on the Kidlist Facebook page and people commented on wanting a dads group in general, even for working dads, but no one commented with the name of an existing group. Maybe try Meetup? Or searching on Facebook? There needs to be one!

  • I’m a grandma who nannies my two toddlers in Brookfield; are there playgroups geared towards the “older moms”?

    • Hi Lori,
      I have been keeping an eye out for any specialty mom groups such as the one you are looking for, but haven’t run across any yet. We will be sure to update this article if any pop up!

  • Hi Lori, Moms of Brookfield on Meetup has a wide variety of Mom’s not geared towards anyone specifically. Majority of the group are mom’s of toddlers those with older kids are welcome to join but it seems like once the kids hit school age the participation in the group stops. The group is very casual and does lots of just drop in type playdates.


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