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The Kidlist team went to Game Show Battle Rooms last night, and it was such a blast. Imagine stepping into a curated game show with all the props, lights, questions, and host to keep the games moving with energy and funny quips. It’s perfect for a friends night out, couples get together, family face-off, team building, or birthday party!

Honestly, we were blown away by the fun atmosphere and really enjoyed the friendly competition. This place is legit.

The Kidlist staff pose at The Game Show Battle Room in Lombard.

Game Show Battle Rooms in Lombard

In the lobby, you split into two teams, pick team names, fill out your game show name tags, and get the overall instructions for the experience. You can choose teams and come up with a team name before you arrive, or they can randomly split you up and your team can come up with a name on the spot.

Game Show Battle Rooms has a fridge with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase when you arrive. No outside alcohol is permitted, but you can bring purchased drinks in the game room with you.

There are two game show rooms to choose from: Classic or Primetime. Each room has a game show host and producer. Ryan was our game show host for the night, and his energy was great. He explained each of the games and kept it going at the perfect pace along with our producer, who was at the control panel putting up the questions, keeping score, and moderating the answers.

We did the Classic Showdown, which has three games: Survey Battles, Spin and Solve, and What’s That Cost.

For Survey Battles, our team had to come up with the four most popular answers to a topic. If we had three incorrect answers, the other team could provide a correct answer to win the battle point.

Spin and Solve is similar to Wheel of Fortune, but the wheel has different choices, including clever emoji clues and cryptic hints, and What’s That Cost has a couple of different pricing games, such as assigning prices to items in a bookcase, as well as guessing the price of a vacation with rolls of giant dice.

The finale is The Drop, which really mixes things up! Our team was winning, took a dive in points, then came back with the last game. It was a fun turn of events and definitely kept it interesting and engaging.

Some of our team members have already made plans to come back with their families to battle it out, and have even talked about having birthday parties at Game Show Battle Rooms!

Game Show Battle Rooms also host kids birthday parties, and they officially recommend the experience for ages 10 years old and up, but the manager commented that he’s seen eight year olds do better than some adults! All ages are welcome to attend, but it’s more fun when you can read and fully understand the questions.

We asked our host how many people is ideal, and they’re very flexible for various group sizes. We had eight people, so we were split into teams of four, which worked well. Our game lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. With larger groups, the staff said they have options to extend the game time to give everyone a chance to participate.

The content changes every two months, so you can go back to the same room and play a completely different game!

Game Show Battle Rooms
2820 S. Highland Avenue
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 812-1160

Please note that The Game Show, an arcade that is featured in our Guide to Arcades and Entertainment Centers, is also in Lombard, but across Highland Avenue. Make sure you type the full name (Game Show Battle Rooms) into your GPS so you end up in the right place.

When you go to Game Show Battle Rooms, you are not actually on a televised game show. This is for your own entertainment and fun only, so you’ll have to bring your own excitement and cheers.

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