25 Things To Do When School is Closed in the Southwest Suburbs

The weather outside is frightful, extremely frightful! With record breaking lows and mounds and mounds of snow, our time stuck indoors and at home is about is to set cabin fever into full effect—but not to fear, Kidlist is here! We have some great ideas of things to do to keep yourself and the kids occupied during these long, cold days. When school is closed in the southwest suburbs and you don’t want to leave your house, it is a great time to take advantage of some of the activities that you weren’t able to fit in on the busy weekend. Check out our ideas below for some fun things to do with your family!

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Things To Do in the Southwest Suburbs When School Is Closed

At-Home Activities

  1. Stay warm by getting your heart rate up, and exercise with your kids! Many of us are looking for more time in the day to squeeze in those workouts and being stuck inside is a perfect time to do so. Find our favorite kid-friendly exercises and workouts here!
  2. Play a board game! Some good, competitive fun between family members never hurt anyone, and the laughs are endless.
  3. Sort through the endless amount of arts and crafts ideas on Pinterest and choose an activity to do with your children. 
  4. Cook or bake with your children. Have your kids help you with each step of cooking or baking a meal and dessert. They will be so proud of the finished product, and likely eat more too!
  5. Build a blanket fort and watch a movie while eating popcorn.
  6. Grab a blanket, make lunch or some snacks and have an indoor picnic! Something about eating on a blanket is always fun for the kids, and who doesn’t love little finger foods to fill little bellies!
  7. Read some classic books or check out some new ones together! Cuddle up under the covers and start a new chapter book, reading a chapter or two at a time. If your kids are too young for that, pick out a few board books they enjoy.
  8. Make homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot. It is absolutely delicious. Check out LilLuna’s recipe, she has 6 kids of her own and knows how to please!
  9. Slime! Kids absolutely love making slime and you may be surprised to find that you already have the ingredients needed to make slime on hand. Check out this site to learn different methods for making slime.
  10. Have any old boxes lying around? Let your kids paint, color, and decorate the boxes to make their own little home!
  11. Set up a treasure hunt. Hide something in your house and give clues to help your children find it. Accomplish this through playing hot and cold, or drawing up a treasure map.
  12. Make giant paper snowflakes! These snowflakes turn out so beautifully and look adorable in front of a kitchen window, hung from a toy room ceiling, or above a child’s bed.
  13. Jump on the trend and Marie Kondo a closet. This might not be a super fun activity, but while the kids are home and bored, it is the perfect time to enlist them in helping clean out their closets. Learn more about her method of tidying by searching her website, or watching her new show, “Tidying Up” on Netflix.
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Out-and-About Indoor Activities

  1. Jump over to one of the many indoor play areas, bounce houses, open gyms, or trampoline parks in the area. It’s a great way for kids to burn off that excess energy and get some exercise.
  2. Visit the Oak Lawn Children’s Museum, the Frankfort Children’s Museum, or make it an adventure and travel out to one of the further children’s museums.
  3. Go bowling! Bowling is a lost sport, but so much fun. Most alleys have bumpers to allow the little ones to roll the ball down the lane.
  4. Check out one of the indoor rock climbing walls that are in or near the southwest suburbs.
  5. Go swimming! Who says swimming is a summer activity? Most of the local pools have family swim times that allow you and your children to play together.
  6. Explore a nature center. Most nature centers offer a good dose of free fun in any type of weather.
  7. Indoor miniature golf is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with the kids while getting in some physical activity.
  8. Drop-in at one of the local art studios and paint a project with your children.
  9. Take a trip to a bookstore or toy store. Barnes & Noble and Lakeshore Learning are great stores for kids to explore and play. Try not to leave with too much merchandise!
  10. There are so many museum free days in January and February. Check out this list to find out if there is a day that works for you!
  11. Visit your local library for story time, and picking out new books to read at home during these cold snaps.
  12. Look through the Kidlist calendar for local happenings. There is always something to do!
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Jill Kowalski
Jill is the mom of two energetic little girls, ages two and four, who keep her seriously busy. She and her husband grew up in Orland Park and are now raising their family there as well. When Jill and her family have free time, they love to check out local parks or drop-in at fests where their girls can take over a dance floor. She is always looking for cheap, yet entertaining and worthwhile things to do. When she is not wrangling her kids, Jill has a passion for starting, and sometimes finishing, do-it-yourself home improvement projects, trying out random recipes she finds on Pinterest, and organizing every nook and cranny of her life.

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