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My Gym is an absolute hit in my book! I hesitated checking it out for over a year because I was afraid the cost would be a bit much. We were given a certificate to try 8 weeks of classes and signed up to become lifetime members by the end of our first class. I highly recommend signing up for a free trial class!

my gym wheaton

Is there ample parking? Can you park close?

  • Plenty of parking, it is located in a strip mall, I parked right in front of the entrance.

How much does it cost?

  • A lifetime membership is required and if a promotion isn’t running it costs $75 one time. Classes are $72 every 4 weeks. *note- they are almost always running some sort of promotion/discount for memberships, just have to search for them.

When are they open?

  • First class is at 8:30am on Saturdays or 9:15am during the week. Check the schedule because classes are for different age ranges.

When is the best time or day to go? When is it the least crowded?

  • There are classes for all different age groups, I asked and they said late afternoon/early evening and saturdays tend to be filled up fastest.

Was it crowded when you went? About how many kids were there when you went?

  • It was not very crowded, I would say the class size was about 16-18 kids.

Are there public bathrooms? Is there a changing table? Are the bathrooms kid-friendly?

  • Yes there are public bathrooms, I did not see a changing table. There is a step stool in the bathroom for little ones.

Is there a private space to nurse?

  • There is no designated private space to nurse.

What was your child’s favorite part of the play area? Least favorite?

  • My son’s favorite part was the ball pit and swings they bring out during play.
  • His least favorite was any thing directly involving a teacher (we are going through separation anxiety 19 months)

What was your favorite part? Least favorite?

  • My favorite part is that every week the play area looks completely different and the activities are also different. No weeks are ever the same to keep it fun and entertaining for the kids.
  • Least favorite part-i don’t really have anything negative to say about the class, except maybe tuition to be a bit less expensive.

my gym wheaton 2Is it clean?

  • The play area is extremely clean

Was the staff friendly? Attentive? Pleasant?

  • The staff is very friendly and fun for the kids! They are full of energy and help the kids throughout various activities.

Is food allowed? Are there designated snack areas? Is food sold there?

  • Food is not allowed. You can have a drink/snack in the waiting area. They do not sell food, but they did have a huge basket of Ella’s kitchen samples for babies/toddlers.

What ages do you feel the play area caters to?

  • Since the play area converts, each class it can cater from ages 6 weeks up to 11 years old

Is there an infant/baby area? Toddler friendly?

  • It is absolutely baby/toddler friendly!

Anything else you want to highlight?

  • Overall I am glad we finally were able to give My Gym a chance. The classes are fun/educational for both moms and children.

My Gym Wheaton
35 Danada Square East
Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 221-0555

Review by: Vanessa Orlick, mom to Kylee (6) & Abel (19 months)

Thanks Vanessa! If anyone has something to add feel free to comment below.
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