8 Ideas for a Perfect Moms Night In

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When you’re feeling the stress of the holidays, it’s so nice to take a break and connect with friends. Instead of adding another chilly night out to your already busy December calendar, how about planning a warm and relaxing moms night in with some good friends?! I am loving some of these ideas for quality time with mama friends. Whether it be knocking off some to dos on your list together with a DIY project, creating an at home spa retreat, or simply a wine tasting, there’s plenty of low key options for a lovely night in!



Wine & Yoga Pants

This one is a favorite among my circle of friends. No need to get dolled up, comfortable attire and good wine – what better pairing is there?! Bring a couple of varieties to share, throw in a fancy cheese, an appetizer or two, and you’re got yourself a perfect evening in on a cold winter’s night.

Spa Retreat

All of us moms could definitely use some pampering during the holiday season! From the crazed shopping, to school parties and added work events, the idea of just unwinding becomes extra enticing. Not to mention the dryness of the winter air wreaks havoc on our skin, lips and hair. How about bringing a favorite hand lotion, lip balm or hair product that you love to share with friends? Hiring a manicurist would also be fun!


Homemade gifts are so nice to receive, fun to make and cost-effective. I’ve made sugar scrubs, candles and soaps for gifts. Doing this in the company of friends would make for an evening that is productive, creative and fun. For friends that can knit/sew, invite them to bring a project they are currently working on, or perhaps share their skills with others in the group who would like to learn. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest for homemade gifts and crafty projects to get inspired.

Movie Night In

Throw on your favorite chick flick, make a bowl of popcorn and don’t forget the Bailey’s and hot chocolate. A movie night in with the ladies is a wonderful way to relax together. There are always movies that my hubby is not keen on watching with me…one of the many reasons we rely on our girlfriends! And, just like the wine night, yoga pants are strongly encouraged.

Book/Magazine Exchange

For our reading buddies, a book exchange is the perfect way to share our favorite books. It’s always fun to get recommendations from friends and add new favorites to our list. And, for that stack of magazines that’s grown too large for your coffee table, consider recycling these with friends who may not have the same subscriptions. A new gripping novel, comedic read, style advice or celebrity gossip magazine? Yes, please!

Baking/Sweets Extravaganza

Sweets are a staple during the holidays and sharing recipes is always a hit amongst mama friends. Set up your kitchen for an evening of cookie baking, bring tupperware for shared treats and index cards to jot down friend favorites. Then cross holiday baking off your list of things to do. Win win!

Chocolate Tasting

The possibilities are endless here. Bring your favorite brownies, cupcakes, truffles or pure chocolate varieties and make a night of sampling chocolate with friends. From chocolate fondue to chocolate fudge to chocolate martinis, I am sure any of my friends would be game for an evening of this sort. You had me at chocolate!

Warm socks & tea

Cozy socks and a warm cup of tea are such a lovely combination. Grab a cushy pair of socks to exchange and your favorite variety of tea to sip, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly warm evening in. Peppermint, chamomile, cinnamon or chai, who doesn’t love a little teatime with the ladies?!

No matter what the theme, an evening in with a few of your favorite moms is always a a refreshing and enjoyable break from the chaos of the season. It doesn’t have to be a Martha Stewart event, just a simple and toned down evening that aligns with the interests of your circle of moms. Togetherness is what matters most this time of year and I vote yes to making time for a night in with friends!

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