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The grand opening for Funtopia Naperville will be this June, but did you know that you can be some of the first people to experience the fun right now?! They are currently doing a soft opening and you will definitely want to check it out. Have fun, be active!

Funtopia Naperville is a 25,000 square foot Adventure Park with fun and active activities for all ages, toddlers through adults! They have 50+ Climbing Fun Walls with a wide variety of obstacles and difficulty levels, a Ropes Course, challenging Ninja Course, Giant Slide, Jump in the Air, and spacious Toddler Area. We explored all of the areas and had a blast, so we have a lot to share with you, including the features of each activity with height requirements, hours, prices, birthday party details, special needs accommodations, and more! This article is sponsored by Funtopia, but all opinions are our own.

Features of Funtopia Naperville

The indoor space at Funtopia is very pleasant, with fun music at a nice volume and good air flow. There are benches around the perimeter of the Ninja Course, facing the climbing walls so you can watch the action.

Climbing Fun Walls

There are three area of climbing walls, based on ability and challenge level, with a minimum weight requirement of 30 lbs. The beginner area has shorter walls, rope webs, tire climbs, taller walls with footholds close together, and the popular blocks where kids can build their own obstacle to climb, knock over, or both. My kids went back to that section a couple times!

The intermediate climbing area consists of the city, beanstalk, shapes, dark neon tower, two opportunities to jump in the air and a few more challenging climbing walls. It was so satisfying to watch both of my kids gain confidence as they worked through the fun walls and obstacles. My daughter was initially hesitant to climb all the way to the top, but as time went on she became fearless and conquered every challenge she attempted! Their sense of accomplishment was huge.

You can also see the Jump in the Air challenge in the background of the photo above- it’s the black and yellow construction-looking pillar. You climb to the top and make a leap to grab the bar while being attached to the automatic belay system that takes you down gently. The bar is adjustable so you can move it closer or further away based on how much of a challenge you would like to take on!

We then made our way to the advanced walls, which include various themed walls, timed walls with a digital timer, and walls with overhangs and wider footholds. My daughter, who is 8 and 50 inches started not to be able to reach some of the rocks towards the top, but felt she could do the rest.

Ropes Course

In the photograph below you can see both part of the ropes course along with a wall of advanced climbing challenges. The height requirement for the ropes course is 50 inches for the first half and 60 inches for the second half because of the rope lengths. To start traverse the ropes course, a staff member helps you attach to the rope system. You then move the rope attachment along as you maneuver to the next platform. Only one person is allowed on each platform for safety and flow.

Ninja Course

There are two sides to the ninja course so you can race if you would like, but also has different obstacles to tackle so you can go through multiple times and have just as much fun. My daughter was a huge fan of this section and managed to get through the entire right side! So cool to see. The bottom of the ninja course looks like an inflatable bounce house, but it is better explained as a pillow; you don’t bounce back, the pillow gently absorbs your fall. You will be challenged by the rings, cargo nets, balance beams, rope swings, and more!

The height requirement for the ninja course is 50 inches and it is definitely enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Toddler Area

The toddler area is about four times larger than what is shown in the photo below! It’s very spacious and has numerous slides, climbing structures, and tunnels for little ones to enjoy. There are also chairs, tables, and high chairs along one side for your convenience.


Funtopia Naperville is designed so participants can feel safe to take on any physical challenge they would like. There are staff members throughout to answer questions, adjust harnesses when necessary, and ensure everyone is comfortable with the activity they are interested in taking on, however after learning how to attach to the automatic belaying systems, the kids can choose where they want to go and attach themselves when they are ready. So if you are watching multiple children or are with your little one in the toddler area, you won’t feel as overwhelmed by needing to assist.

My son attaching himself to a beginner climbing wall.

Food at Funtopia Naperville

Funtopia sells food at the counter towards the entrance, such as burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken sandwich, veggie burger, and cold and hot drinks. No alcohol is sold and outside food is prohibited.

You are welcome to eat in the seating area shown below or just sit and relax there!


The current soft opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday
TODDLER AREA: 10:00am – 8:00pm
FUN ZONE: 3:00pm- 8:00pm

TODDLER AREA: 10:00am – 9:00pm
FUN ZONE: 3:00pm- 9:00pm

TODDLER AREA: 9:00am – 9:00pm
FUN ZONE: 9:00am- 9:00pm

TODDLER AREA: 9:00am – 7:00pm
FUN ZONE: 9:00am- 7:00pm

Check the Funtopia Naperville website for holiday hours and schedule changes


The Fun Zone includes the Climbing Fun Walls, Rope Course, Ninja Course, Jump in the Air and Technical Wall) and has timed admission as follows:

0.5 hour – $9.00 plus tax
1 hour – $16.00 plus tax
1.5 hours – $20.00 plus tax
2 hours – $24.00 plus tax

The time slot that is purchased the most is the 1.5 hours for $20 plus tax. We stayed for two hours and still didn’t complete all of the walls, but felt that was a good amount of time and full of fun! Honestly, it’s however long you would like to stay because there is plenty to do!

The Giant Slide is extra and 2 attempts is $3.00 plus tax.

The Toddler Area is for ages 1-4 years old and admission is as follows:

1 session per child $10.00
1 session per sibling $8.00

Prices updated 0n May 10, 2018 and are subject to change.

Birthday Parties at Funtopia Naperville

There are seven dedicated birthday party rooms to reserve for your party. One to two Funtopia hosts from their friendly and helpful staff are assigned depending on the size of the party. There is also an on-site kitchen offering food and beverages (details can be found above in the Food section.) You can also find answers to many questions on their birthday party FAQ page.

Recommended Ages

Funtopia Naperville truly caters to every age. The toddler area is nice with windows in front and plenty of room for little ones to explore. The climbing walls are perfect for elementary school-aged children up to adults, as is the ninja course and ropes course.

The activities at Funtopia Naperville have the following weight or height restrictions:

Climbing walls: 30 lbs minimum
Ropes course: 50 inches tall + for the first half, 60 inches + for the second half
Ninja course: 50 inches tall +
Toddler section: 1-4 years old
Giant slide: no restriction

Special Needs Accommodations

There is plenty of room to watch the climbers from the wide walkways for those in wheelchairs and the manager is very willing to accommodate people with special needs. He mentioned that they have partnered with special needs organizations in the past, so if you would like to plan a time for your group to come, call ahead. The toilets are manual flush so you won’t have to worry about loud, unexpected noises there. Funtopia is known to get busy, but there are seating areas in the toddler section, in the front by the waiver kiosks, and a large seating area towards the back that is sectioned off.

Discounts for Funtopia Naperville

No coupon codes, discounts, or Groupons at this time.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time.

Funtopia Naperville is located in the Westridge court on Aurora Avenue. If you are coming from I-88, it is off the Route 59 exit.

Funtopia Naperville
2639 Aurora Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 718-4327

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