Use Our Map to Find 2020’s Best-Decorated Halloween Houses Near You

Each Halloween, my kids love driving and walking around the neighborhood looking at spooky Halloween houses. 2020 has been the year of drive-thru and walk through everything! This Halloween, our local families have put so much effort into their spooky Halloween displays for us all to safely enjoy! A great family outing could include a few cups of apple cider, spooky treats, and a tour in your car together to check out some of these spooky houses. Some have paths you can get out and walk, as well as some costumed characters certain nights during the week. Have a boo-tiful Halloween!

Map of the Best Decorated Houses for Halloween

Find the best decorated houses near you or use this map to plan your route for a house tour!

2020 Best Decorated Halloween Houses in the West and Southwest Suburbs

Displays are listed alphabetically by town. Please remember that these are family homes in residential neighborhoods, so drive carefully, follow social distancing protocols, and respect your surroundings. Happy Halloween!

218 N. Pioneer Drive (Addison)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

218 N. Pioneer Drive, Addison

This yard is packed full of ghoulish fun! The lights are on Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 – 9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 6:30 – 10:30 pm.

Halloween Town (Algonquin)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

Halloween Town
1821 Hartley Drive, Algonquin

The Halloween Town display can be seen starting on October 4 and should be in full effect on October 17–October 31, 2020. Algonquin is outside of the regular Kidlist area, but we thought this one was too cool not to mention! Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, the display features a 10-foot Jack Skellington, his dog Zero, his true love Sally, and the trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, and Barrel.  There is also a walk-through cemetery with moving and pneumatic props. Click here for the Facebook page.

3211 Harrison (Brookfield)

3211 Harrison, Brookfield

Both the front and side yards of this house are decked out will all kinds of ghoulish figures. There are spotlights to make it spooky at night and they even have ghosts hanging from the trees above the street!⁠

Canyon Trail Cemetery (Carol Stream)

photo courtesy of Jim Slanker

Canyon Trail Cemetery
371 Canyon Trail, Carol Stream

“Canyon Trail Cemetery” has its own Facebook page with more photos and tons of information. You can stop by all day, but animatronics are on from October 4–31, 2020 from dusk until 9:00 pm on Sundays through Thursdays, as well as from dusk until 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. This award winning house is one of my kids’ favorites with smoke and bubbles.

Shining Waters Cemetery (Carol Stream)

832 Pawnee Drive, Carol Stream
Shining Waters Cemetery yard display. Mix of static and motorized props. Little gore. The residents are collecting non-perishable food donations for the Wayne Township Food Pantry, too.

The Haunting of Carol Scream

photo courtesy of the homeowner

The Haunting of Carol Scream
1214 Easton Drive, Carol Stream

The Haunting of Carol Scream is an award-winning yard display. with static props, motorized components, and other display elements. More details on Facebook.

Stranger Things House (Clarendon Hills)

The Stranger Things House
543 Western Avenue, Clarendon Hills

It’s difficult to see in the photograph, but there are so many great details from Stranger Things in the yard of this corner house! Be sure to walk around both sides to see the famous alphabet with lights in front, the maze drawing on the garage door, and more.

21526 Carlton Street (Crest Hill)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

21526 Carlton Street, Crest Hill

Look for skeletons everywhere (even on the roof!) and figures in the door and windows in this packed display.

Khaos on Kathleen (Des Plaines)

photo courtesy of Steve Reddington

Khaos on Kathleen
641 W. Kathleen Drive, Des Plaines

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This home haunt has a lot of animatronics and is running on weeknights from dusk to 10pm and weekends dusk to 11pm. Please bring a can of food for donation to the Self Help Pantry of Des Plaines.

It’s A Pirate’s Life For Me! (Downers Grove)

It’s A Pirate’s Life For Me!
4506 Fairview Avenue, Downers Grove

There are skeletons all over this front yard! The pirate scene is really impressive and there are a lot of fun vignettes to see. Fairview is a busy street, so we recommend either carefully driving by or parking on a nearby side street and walking by.

Schiffers Halloween Insanity (Downers Grove)

Schiffers Halloween Insanity
4113 Williams Street, Downers Grove

This display will be running by October 15, 2020. Hours for sound and animatronics are Sundays–Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. This house features a cemetery, multiple moving parts, and a haunted house walk through. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Pershing Avenue (Downers Grove)

6001 Pershing Avenue, Downers Grove

At first glance, this walk-through Halloween display is unassuming, but as you look closely, there is a graveyard, many skeletons, and zombie children playing on the playground. Spooky! Hours are dusk to 9pm on the weekdays and dusk to 10pm on the weekends. This display will run from October 3–31, 2020.

New for 2020, the owners have widened the path and made a one-way in-and-out to help with social distancing.

Spooky Graveyard (Homer Glen)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

12449 Walden Road, Homer Glen

This yard is full to displays, many of which are homemade. So impressive! We love the mist spilling out from the witch’s cauldron.

Count Kuhajda’s Haunted House (Joliet)

Count Kuhajda’s Haunted House
1112 Nicholson St, Joliet

Walk through the front and back yard of this haunted house (you will need to get out of your car). Many animated characters, but nothing live to “spook” the younger visitors.

Note from the owners: “Open Oct 10th – 31st, Fridays 7-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 6-9 pm, Halloween 3-9 pm. Closed if raining. We’ve been haunting for over 20 years and have over 1000 visitors every season. Our haunt includes about 39 characters, many animated, in a variety of venues. Our creatures and tombstones are hand made. We do accept cash donations for 1Pet 1Vet, Rescue Service Dogs for our Veterans! Hope to see you this Fall! Check out our Facebook page. Happy Halloween from Mark & Nancy!”

2909 Clearview Court (Joliet)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

2909 Clearview Court, Joliet

This house comes to life with many scenes throughout the front yard. So much to look at!

Novinger Cemetery (La Grange)

Novinger Cemetery by Creepy Ash Productions
5646 Willow Springs Road, La Grange

This year’s display includes a haunted cemetery walk-through and is slated to open the evening of October 11, 2020. The homeowner, Andrew Novinger, has a Facebook page called Creepy Ash Productions, that you can check for updates.

Hades in the Highlands (La Grange Highlands)

photos courtesy of Becca Rymsza

Hades in the Highlands
6336 S. Edgewood Lane, La Grange Highlands 

Inspired by Greek Mythology, nearly all of these decorations are handmade. The display can be seen during the day or at night with lights on from 6:30-10:30pm.

Welcome to Hades in the Highlands, a menagerie of Monsters and Myths inspired by the Ancient Greeks. A haunting voyage awaits, whether or not you’re familiar with the myths that inspired them. Just remember, never look Medusa in the eyes and watch out for Cerberus, the three headed beast that guards the Gates of Hades. Steer clear of the Three Fates’ grotto, where they weave and cut the strings of fate, watching with their single eye. If you have the fare, Charon will escort you down the River Styx. But be warned – None can escape the Realm of the Dead. 

836 Homestead Road (La Grange Park)

836 Homestead Road, La Grange Park

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In it’s first year, this handmade display glows at night and is best viewed when the black lights are on, which is daily from 6:30 – 11:00 pm. The video they made will definitely get you in the spirit. This one is a hit with younger kids! When there are a lot of kids around, the Coglianese family plays music for the display and will have it during the day on Halloween.

Grace Street Graveyard (Lombard)

Grace St. Graveyard
629 N. Grace Street, Lombard

Grace St. Graveyard is displayed through the whole month of October. Moving props will be on from Sunday – Thursday, dusk – 9:00 pm and Friday – Saturday, dusk – 10:00 pm. For more information you can check out their Facebook page.

Scary Potter (Lombard)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

Scary Potter
305 E. Morningside Avenue, Lombard

If you are into Harry Potter, you’ll want to check out this house that is transformed into Hogwart’s Castle with Scary Potter skeletons, a moving dragon, and the 9 3/4 station.

Monee Manor

photos courtesy of the homeowner

Monee Manor
24066 S. Cicero Avenue, Monee

This front yard display has elaborate scenes and many home-built props. In it’s 9th year in operation, it runs every day through November 1, 2020 from dusk to midnight.

The Crypts in Countryside (Naperville)

The Crypts in Countryside
2156 Countryside Circle, Naperville
Open from October 3–31, 2020. Hours are Sunday–Thursday from 6:00 pm–9:00 pm. Friday and Saturday from 6:00 pm–10:00 pm. Animatronics out on weekends, weather permitting. A new and small crypt full of spooky and sinister forces. Skeletons, dark spirits, spiders, and a creepy graveyard. Static and animatronic props. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Nightmare in Naperville

Nightmare In Naperville
2612 River Woods Drive, Naperville
Open now through Halloween from dusk to 11:00 pm. Yard display containing giant static props, multiple digital projections, graveyard. On weekends they will turn on the fog machine, soundtrack, and projector. Nightmare In Naperville is on Facebook for updates.

NaperWade Graveyard (Naperville)

Courtesy of NaperWade Graveyard Facebook page

NaperWade Graveyard
220 N Whispering Hills Drive, Naperville

This haunted yard features a mausoleum and a foggy graveyard. They have started setting up now, but keep adding throughout the month. The best time to visit is the week of Halloween. Hours are dusk to 10:00 pm. Check their Facebook page for more details.

House of the Undead (New Lenox)

House of the Undead
573 Lenox Street, New Lenox

Front yard display of Halloween tricks opening October 12, 2020. The 2020 theme is a haunted hospital/asylum theme. On weekdays, the display is open from dusk to 9:00 pm. On weekends, the display is open dusk to 10:00 pm.

2524 South 8th Avenue (North Riverside)

photo courtesy of Brian Przybylski

2524 South 8th Avenue, North Riverside

This house has a lot to look at, complete with a coffin on their parkway!

Spirits on Sproat (Oak Lawn)

Spirits on Sproat
9028 Sproat Avenue, Oak Lawn

Love classic monsters from the movies, TV and pop culture? Come visit Spirits on Sproat, marking its 17th season in 2020. Enjoy humorous museum-like signage describing each character, creepy horror movie music mixed with sound effects, live scarers, two fun “find the monster” scavenger hunt games, front window music-and-lights show, and more. Check out Spirits on Sproat, which was named to the Horror Tourers Hall of Fame and featured on Svengoolie’s TV program.

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Dates open: October 2–4, 9–11, 16–18 and 23–31 between the hours of 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm. on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays open from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. October 26–29 open 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Caution: This display is recommended for those 5+.

Note from the homeowners: “This year, we plan to be open as usual in October, but we’ve instituted rules to protect against the coronavirus: Any visitors to our home haunt will be required to wear a face mask; please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet away from other visitors. Check our website and Facebook page for the latest updates to the schedule.

8215 Wheeler Drive (Orland Park)

photo courtesy of Kelly

8215 Wheeler Drive, Orland Park

Coffins, an electric chair, clowns, and other figures cover this front yard.

140 North Delaplaine (Riverside)

photo courtesy of The Duff Family

140 North Delaplaine, Riverside

The Duffs set up a graveyard scene with a lively funeral. Kids and families are invited to walk through to take pictures! They enjoy sharing their love of Halloween with the community.

Dead End Cemetery (Roselle)

Dead End Cemetery Roselle
23W411 W. Ardmore Avenue, Roselle

This displays is open starting October 2nd. Sundays–Thursdays, dusk to 10:00 pm, and Fridays–Saturdays, dusk to 11:00 pm. Legend of Sleepy Hollow scarecrow oversees yard with several motorized props & many homemade props. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

House of Creeps (Streamwood)

photo courtesy of Vicky Hayes

House of Creeps
106 Somerset Drive, Streamwood

If you want a good scare, this terrifyingly creepy carnival is full of talking animatronic figures. The homeowners will have candy, creepy music and a small haunted house from 7-10 pm on Oct 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 2020.

Dark Shadows (Tinley Park)

Dark Shadows
16322 64th Court, Tinley Park

This Halloween house will feature skeletons, and zombies that jump, spit, and talk to you. Open October 16–31, 2020. Animations run from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm every night.

Horroween333 (West Chicago)

photo courtesy of the homeowner

333 Church Street, West Chicago

Embrace the scary side of West Chicago with rotten zombies, terrifying pumpkin demons, creepy skeletons, and plenty of spooky gravestones. There are many handmade decorations in this display as well as animatronic figures.

Possession on Park Street (Winfield)

Photo courtesy of the homeowner.

Possession on Park Street
0s185 Park Street, Winfield

This yard display is hoping to be open the the first weekend of October, including animations. Sundays–Thursdays, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Fridays and Saturdays, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Check the Facebook page for more information.

Houses to add for 2021:

5235 Park Avenue, Downers Grove
Skeleton pirates, spiders, and a sign where you can find your pirate name

278 S Ellyn Avenue, Glen Ellyn 
Fog machine and spooky sounds. The decorations wrap around the house up the driveway.

440 N Evergreen, Elmhurst
a tradition they’ve been doing for 30+ years

7830 Whittington Drive, Tinley Park
Two boys AJ (5 year old) and Michael (19 months old) together with their dad Nick work on the display together and it gets bigger each year.

Poltergeist on Maple Avenue
4208 Maple Ave, Brookfield
Runs most nights (weather permitting) from 6-10pm

1085 Ronald Drive, Joliet

392 Flint Trail, Carol Stream

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