2018 Best Decorated Halloween Houses: Drive By and Walk Through

If you have children seeking a little taste of the “spooky” side of Halloween, check out these amazing home Halloween displays! You can take a tour in your car together as a family and some have paths to walk through. From spooky settings with live actors to a house with a totally transformed facade, they will not disappoint. Please do remember that these houses are family homes in peoples’ neighborhoods, so drive carefully and respect your surroundings. Happy Halloween!

Best Decorated Halloween Houses in the West and South Suburbs

Halloween Displays in the Western Suburbs

5646 Willow Springs Road, La Grange
This year’s display includes a haunted cemetery walk-through. The homeowner, Andrew Novinger, has a Facebook page called Creepy Ash Productions.

Photo courtesy of the homeowner of 6336 S. Edgewood Lane in La Grange Highlands

6336 S. Edgewood Lane, La Grange Highlands
This unique display has a Greek Mythology/Underworld theme in includes the River Styx, Medusa, and the 3 Fates. It’s pretty creepy whether or not you know the myths!

253 Olmsted, Riverside
Here’s a fun fact: This house is Kidlist Event Contributor Andria’s cousin’s house!

4506 Fairview Avenue, Downers Grove

4605 Fairview Avenue, Downers Grove
This drive-by display depicts a spooky pirate scene filled with skeletons and a cool squid coming out of the ground.

4113 Williams Street, Downers Grove

4113 Williams Street, Downers Grove
You won’t be able to miss this display as you are coming out the new Aldi parking lot. Walk through the arch marked Cemetery and check out the scary figures on both sides, including three scenes inside a large yellow and white striped tent.

6001 Pershing Avenue, Downers Grove

6001 Pershing Avenue, Downers Grove
At first glance, this Halloween display is unassuming, but as you walk through between the fencing, you’ll see a lot of blood-curdling scenes with dolls, skeletons, and figures.

1831 Concord Drive, Downers Grove

1831 Concord Drive, Downers Grove
This house went all out with gruesome depictions reminiscent of scary movies.

6937 Camden Road, Downers Grove

6937 Camden Road, Downers Grove
Perfect for little kids that want to get in the Halloween spirit, this display has all of the iconic signs of the holiday, including ghosts, pumpkins, vampires, and witches. I’m sure it’s fun to see it glowing at dusk!

Photo courtesy of Jim Slanker, 371 Canyon Trail

371 Canyon Trail, Carol Stream
“Canyon Trail Cemetery” has its own Facebook page with more photos and tons of information.

Photo courtesy of the homeowner at 218 Pioneer Drive, Addison

218 Pioneer Drive, Addison
This front yard is jam packed with spooky fun! The lights are on Sunday through Thursday 6:30 – 10:00 pm and Friday through Saturday 6:30 – 11:30 pm.

Family-Friendly Weekend Events: October 18–20

Halloween Displays in the Southwest Suburbs

Walker Graveyard
1240 Hickory Creek Drive, New Lenox
Front yard decorated as a graveyard with motion.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Eggener of New Lenox

2867 Ferro Drive, New Lenox
The creator of this house transformation, Jeff Eggener, is a carpenter and creates an elaborate display each year. Impressive!

Dead Man’s Haunt
248 Lenox Street, New Lenox
Clowns, skeleton, and a graveyard.

House of the Undead
573 Lenox Street, New Lenox
Front yard display of Halloween tricks.

Decorated Halloween House in Monee

Monee Manor
24066 S. Cicero Ave, Monee
Front yard display of moving parts, graveyard, a huge spider, skeletons.

Spirits on Sproat: The Gallery of the Dead
9028 Sproat Avenue, Oak Lawn
Featuring your favorite scary characters from movies, TV, and pop culture. Check out the live scarers, “find the monster” scavenger hunt, fog effects, and live keyboard music (varies nightly).

Count Kuhajda’s Haunted House
1112 Nicholson St, Joliet
Walk through the front and back yard of this haunted house (you will need to get out of your car). Many animated characters, but nothing live to “spook” the younger visitors.

Photo courtesy of Jeff and Diana Darken of Darken Asylum

Darken Asylum
1416 S. Saddlebrook Lane, Minooka
This walk-through display has a Facebook page: Darken Asylum. The indoor display is open October 11-21, 2018 Thursday through Sunday only and October 25-31, 2018 daily from 6:30 – 10:00 pm. It includes props, animated and static figures, but no jump scares.

Photo courtesy of Rob Beach of Scares on Sequoia

Scares on Sequoia
7631 Sequoia Court, Orland Park
Enjoy over 50 animated props with seven scenes along a cemetery yard. Open daily through Halloween day (weather permitting). You can check out their Facebook page for updates before you go: Scares on Sequoia.

Family-Friendly Weekend Events: October 18–20

In our search we ran across Chicago Haunt Builders, which has an extensive list of Halloween houses with ratings as well. Click here to view the 2018 list.

Do you know of a spooky decorated house near you? Please share! You can also find tons more Halloween events in the south suburbs and Halloween events in the west suburbs on our site.

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