Did any of you play with Tub Town by Lakeside when you were little? I used to absolutely love that toy. My mom would suction it to the side of the tub and I could give the little people showers, have them jump off the diving board, ride up the elevator… oh the memories. :) Anyway, I periodically look for the original toy only to be disappointed. The toy company isn’t making it anymore and it looks like everyone who saved it is keeping it forever!

I recently ran across the Playmobil Pool with Water Slide and got an idea! Why can’t I rig something up so my kids can play with it in the tub? It has a main pool and a baby pool on the side. It has a shower that the kids can pump water into to give the little people a shower just like Tub Town. There is a fun slide and realistic steps up to the pool.

So I found tension curtain rods that fit the width of our tub and positioned two of them to act as a base right at the top of the water level in the tub. Then I set the pool on top and let the kids set it up. It was a big hit! Bath time was never so fun and my kids can play with the pool and not worry about spilling the water everywhere.

A few words of caution… the Playmobil Pool has small pieces so you have to take all of it out before you open the drain! We have a small tray that I keep the pieces in so they can dry out and we don’t lose anything.