Change It Up with an At-Home Spa for Kids

Years ago, I set up a spa for my kids to create some fun at home and do something different. I pulled out that idea again since we could all use a change of pace. They liked it just as much, if not more, and have already asked to do it again! My daughter was all about relaxing and my son took a little longer to settle in, but kids of all ages and genders enjoy a little pampering!

How to Set Up an At-Home Spa

Set everything up and start some music before the kids come in so you can set the mood and expectation that it’s a relaxing time. We decided to focus on feet because a warm foot soak feels good and isn’t focused around painting nails, which my son isn’t interested in.


I found a playlist on Spotify called “Spa Treatment” for the relaxing vibe. It transformed our house into Kohler Waters Spa!


Kitchen wash tubs work great for foot soaks! I bought ours from Target for $2 each. (Click here for the product link.) I always put a towel under the tub to absorb any water that splashes out when the kids take their feet out. If your kids’ feet don’t touch the floor when sitting on a chair, prop up the tub with books. Then squirt some bubble bath or dishwashing soap, like Dawn, into the tub and fill it with warm water so it gets bubbly.

Products and Tools

After soaking their feet, I give them the normal pedicure treatment, including fixing their cuticles, filing their nails, and giving them a foot and leg rub with cream. If you’re looking to refresh your spa supply, our absolute favorite foot cream is Kerstin Florian FuB Balm. It’s $38 and well worth the money because it’s so soothing and smooth. My sister found the best crystal nail file pictured above. I’ve had mine for years and it’s just as good as brand new. We like the Revlon cuticle pusher/nail cleaner and Revlon cuticle trimmer.


Slices of cucumbers in a cold glass of water definitely make the experience more luxurious. Even just a water bottle next to your kids in their chair is nice. After all, it’s important to stay hydrated while you are being pampered!

Additional Ideas

You can add on massages, manicures, and scalp rubs for extra at-home spa services. And you can always suggest that your kids return the favor!


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Annie loves making great memories with her kids and started Kidlist in 2011 so she can help others do the same! Besides finding fun and exciting things to do, Annie and her kids enjoy caring for their chickens and hanging out with them in the backyard. Click here to read about Annie's chickens and see pictures! She also finds joy in gardening, home improvement projects, knitting, soap making, and painting along with being active in her community, church, and as a board member of the Western Springs Business Association. Click here to follow Annie on Instagram.

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