No Free Ice Cream in Burr Ridge This Year. Here’s What to Do Instead.

July is National Ice Cream Month, and it has been a long-standing tradition for families to swing by the Mars Wrigley ice cream factory in Burr Ridge on weekdays!

Unfortunately, as with many of our regular traditions, that is not happening this year. The ice cream cooler in the lobby has been replaced by temperature screening stations. The challenge of managing lines of people and social distancing is also a main concern.

The good news is that Mars Wrigley and their employees enjoy serving the community and spreading joy with their ice cream, so if all goes to plan they will be back with free ice cream bars in 2021!

Want to fill the ice cream void? We created an ice cream trail with a map so you can check out all the local shops to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. Add it to your summer bucket list!

You can also head over to our gigantic guide to summer fun that has everything in one place to keep the fun going this summer.

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  1. I cannot find a store that sells Mars Ice Cream Bars. Years ago, we bought them regularly.
    Then, they were unavailable for purchase. Where can I order Mars Ice Cream Bars, or what store sells them now.
    Thank you,
    Bea Kay Powers

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