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The grand opening of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s first immersive entertainment experience, Wonderverse, is January 11, 2024 at Oakbrook Center.

Wonderverse allows guests to enter imaginative worlds from popular films, television series, and video games such as Uncharted, Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Bad Boys, Zombieland, and more. The 45,000 square-foot space hosts a hybrid of physical and immersive multi-media experiences, interactive installations, dynamic attractions, and themed dining experiences.

We appreciated being invited to experience Wonderverse during the preview days so we could give you an inside look.

Wonderverse has a variety of activities ranging from escape rooms to virtual reality and racing simulations to bumper cars. Keep reading to see photos and read descriptions and inside info about each attraction.

Experiences at Wonderverse Chicago

There are three experiences at Wonderverse, including Ghostbusters VR Academy (VR racing and VR arena game), Uncharted (escape rooms), and Jumanji (VR game).

Ghostbusters Virtual Reality Academy

The Ghostbusters VR Academy is your chance to be a real Ghostbuster with two distinct virtual reality experiences. Enter the ARENA, suit up and get armed with proton packs as you outsmart mischievous spirits and join forces with fellow trainees to capture ghosts.

In a separate attraction, BLITZ, hop into the driver’s seat of the ECTO hovercraft, a vehicle exclusive to the Academy. Compete to see who’s the fastest, most skillful driver in a high-speed race.  

Uncharted: The Pursuit

Based on the action-packed blockbuster UNCHARTED movie, explorers work to unearth hidden treasure, solve challenges, and complete quests across three escape rooms: The Chapel, The Auction, and The Galley.

The Chapel is $30 per person and is about a 30 minute experience while The Auction and The Galley is 17-20 minutes and costs $22 per person. The games are designed to be completed by teams of six, but you can do it with less.

My daughter and I opted to try The Auction escape room, which is separated into two small rooms. There are automated messages throughout the game to guide you through and the game master is on hand to provide clues if you need them. You can of course ask that no clues are given as well!

We managed to escape and had a good time figuring it out!

Jumanji: Reverse the Curse

Like the characters in the movie, you will be thrust into the game in a virtual reality pursuit to find the stolen jewel, stop the spread of evil, and “Reverse the Curse.” After getting a briefing, participants suit up with a vest and VR headset, then set out to conquer the game. It is possible for your character to die in this game, but you immediately respawn. This 30 minute experience is $35 per person and you must be 48” tall.

Games at Wonderverse Chicago

Wonderverse has been offering free arcade games on Mondays, but we’re not sure if they are planning on doing that permanently, so please call them at (312) 971-9155 to confirm before going for that reason.

Pacific Playland

Enter Pacific Playland and play various arcade games. We liked that the games were spread out with plenty of room to walk around and enjoy. You load a game card with money and each game is priced separately. For example, skeeball is $2 per game, Dance Maniax is $5, and the claw machine is $2.50 per try.

There is also a virtual reality roller coaster where you choose which coaster you would like to try, buckle up, put on the headset and travel through the simulator. The seat moves along with the motion and we would not recommend this one if you experience motion sickness.

We also had fun playing air hockey and both classic and new arcade games. Some of the games were free to play as they preview the space, but we’re not sure how long that will be the case.

Bad Boys Racing Club

Get ready to ride like the BAD BOYS in this collection of racing simulators that take you on a high-speed chase to victory. Enjoy this simulator racing game, Asphalt 9: Legends, for $6 per game. You can even join a multiplayer game to race the person next to you.

Zomieland Bumper Cars

In this bumper car ride, one car is chosen as Patient Zero. Avoid getting bumped or you’ll become a zombie. Navigate the chaos, stay uninfected, and escape the outbreak. No one was playing when we were there, so we couldn’t join in, but look forward to experiencing the bumper cars at the grand opening.

Interactive Walls at Wonderverse Chicago

There are three areas at Wonderverse to interact with wall graphics. The private rental room pictured above is still being worked on and will open soon. You can swirl the light around the wall as well as build it up under your hand and release it to explode like fireworks. It’s pretty cool.

These interactive elements between the main bar and escape rooms change and rotate as you walk past and are activated with motion.

The sparkles around the oscilating Wonderverse logo on the wall next to Jumanji also change and move as you walk by. You can also stand in front of these walls and play with images. These interactive walls are part of the decor and free to experience.

Food and Drinks at Wonderverse Chicago

Commissary Restaurant

Commissary Restaurant, led by industry veteran Chef Scott Donaldson, offers a full menu of food, desserts and cocktails. We ordered fun mocktails as well as the classic smash burger ($21) and bread and spreads appetizer ($14).

Commissary Bar

The Commissary Bar is led by Pernod Ricard’s mixologist Jane Danger and you enjoy specialty cocktails and mocktails as well as light bites there. The main bar as well as the hidden speakeasy have unique specialty themed cocktails.

The Ghost Trap 

Join your fellow Ghostbusters in the hidden speakeasy The Ghost Trap. To find the entrance to this bar, look for neon sign and long, twisting hallway.

The Ghost Trap is cozy and creatively decorated. Keep your eye out for Slimer, who makes an appearance around the portraits high on the wall and mirror above the simulated fireplace. (You can see him passing over the pillar in the photo above.)

Raise a toast with spirits and find magic and the paranormal around every corner. We enjoyed the chill vibe of the space!

There is also a room adjacent to The Ghost Trap that has Ghostbusters paraphernalia and is available for rental.


Wonderverse is located above L.L.Bean at Oakbrook Center and there are a lot of stairs leading to the entrance. Fortunately, there is an elevator! Head to the left of the staircase and you’ll find an elevator that will take you right up to the main entrance.

The attractions and games have plenty of space around them so it’s easy to navigate. The main area has color-changing lines of LED lights and there are areas with flashing and moving lights.

There are plenty of restrooms, including two separate family bathrooms, situated in a quiet hallway with water fountains and a water bottle filler.


When is the Wonderverse Chicago Grand Opening?

January 10, 2024

Where is Wonderverse Chicago located?

100 Oakbrook Center
Oakbrook, IL 60523

Wonderverse Chicago is located above L.L.Bean at Oakbrook Center.

Does Wonderverse charge admission?

No, entry to Wonderverse is free. However the games and attractions are priced individually and food is available for purchase.

Do you have to book experiences in advance?

You can walk up to see when the attractions have availability, but advanced booking is recommended.

What is the recommended ages for Wonderverse Chicago?

Ghostbusters Blitz and Jumanji: Reverse the Curse has a minimum height requirement of 48 inches to participate, but otherwise there aren’t age limitations for the games and experiences.

Guests under the age of 16 years old must be chaperoned by an adult at least 21 years of age. Guests under 21 years of age will not be admitted after 7pm. for Wonderverse to become an adult-only experience at 8pm.

For more information, visit

2310 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL 60523
(312) 971-9155

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