What Are Your Favorite Playgrounds and Trails?

Let’s share our favorite stomping grounds so we can all try something new! This time we are going to focus on playgrounds and trails. It’s time to vote… What are your favorite playgrounds? Best places to walk/rollerblade/ride bikes? Here’s your chance to contribute, help other parents, and honor the park districts and organizations that work hard to construct and maintain our parks!

Please fill out as many categories as you can below so we can get a good sampling and hear from everyone. We will be publishing the best-of lists in the coming weeks so you can see the results.

Don’t forget to check out our Guide to Parks and Playgrounds in the meantime! It’s a pretty great list of playgrounds for whatever ages your kids are and kind of day you’re looking for.

Share your picks for the playground and trail categories below. Please include the town name if you feel it might be confused with a similarly named park. Feel free to leave comments about why you like it, if there is shade, bathrooms, or any other points of interest. We love to hear from you!

There are only 6 questions, so it will be quick. You can also include comments about why you like it. Is there shade? Bathrooms? Other points of interest? We love to hear from you!

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You can vote for more than one in each category if you have several that you love! We will be compiling all of your picks to determine the parks and playgrounds with the most votes.

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