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We enjoyed the day at Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm in Lockport on opening weekend and had such a great time! There is so much to do there that you can easily spend hours walking around, doing all the activities, having a meal or snack, and picking out some pumpkins and treats to bring home.

In fact, there is so much to do, we can’t wait to go back! Keep reading for a full overview of everything you will find at the farm, including tips and inside info. This article is sponsored by Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm, but all opinions are my own.

Features of Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm

There are so many attractions, it’s difficult to know where to begin!

Overall, we were really impressed with the balance of activities for all ages. My kids are on the older side now and find that they have aged out of some of the places we used to love, but at Siegel’s there are tons of activities and games for all ages to enjoy. They separate out age groups on the jumping pillow so little kids don’t have to worry about the bigger ones and the rest of the activities either appeal to only one age group or naturally space out the kids.

Almost everything is included with general admission. The only activities we found to have an extra fee are the paintball shooting range, gem mining, and the new Cottonwood Railway. Otherwise, you can roam around and participate in everything without having to worry about added cost.

The paths are gravel with large rocks at times, so if you are using a stroller, bring one with durable wheels. Also, while some of the areas are fenced in, many are not. Siegel’s recommends writing your cell phone number on your child’s wristband just in case and I thought that was a great idea in general!

If you have all day, we highly recommend wandering around Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm and stopping at each activity and game. You can easily fill the day and have fun the whole time. If you only have a few hours, scroll through all of the activities and figure out what you want to do most!

New This Year: Cottonwood Railroad

For $5 per person you can ride this tracked train through the cornfields. It’s a smooth ride that takes about 10 minutes. Very peaceful and will be a big hit with train lovers I’m sure. The train runs on weekends and Columbus Day.

More Rides Through the Cornfields

While we are talking about rides, we will mention that there are other options for rides around the farm, including a wagon ride pulled by a tractor and an army truck ride donned with American flags. You can take either of these rides to the corn maze or just continue on in the loop for the ride.

There is also a tractor ride with small cars attached that takes you around the cornfields as well. This ride is super bumpy! So if you’re up for an adventure, this one’s for you.

All of the wagon, army truck, and tractor rides are included with admission.

Kids Train Ride

The Ghost Town Railroad is a great ride for little ones. It’s open daily. Adults can ride with their kids or kids can ride by themselves around the track.

Jumping Pillows and Zipline

There are two jumping pillows right next to a zip line. You store your shoes in the cubbies, then jump away!

There are multiple zip lines, so we didn’t have to wait much at all to be able to glide down. While the jumping pillows are available every day, the zip lines are only open on the weekends and Columbus Day.

Mountain Slide

The mountain slide is a giant mega slide set up on a large hill. It doesn’t go super fast, but it’s fun and has a great view! My toddler nephew wanted to go again and again. There are also goats on the side of the mountain that roam around. Don’t miss the goats! They roam the sides of the mountain.

Expression Swings

The swings were a huge hit with the little ones because it’s not often that a playground around us has expression swings! They are located next to the gigantic cow near the mountain slide.

Farm Animals

There are so many animals to check out and feed! You’ll find a pot belly pig, horse, mule, llama, sheep, goats, and baby chicks at Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm. The feed by the goats is 50 cents for a handful, so bring quarters!

Corn Crib

They have a corn box for kids under 10 years old with bowls and colanders to play with the kernels. The corn gets dusty, but it’s tons of fun.

Haunted Barn

I was nervous walking into the haunted barn because I had no idea what to expect! Turns out you don’t have to worry about jump scares or live characters in this one. There are spooky scenes, dark hallways, and warning signs, but we found this haunted barn to be pretty tame. The theme this year is dinosaurs.

Paintball Shooting Range

Aim paintballs at zombies, signs, and hanging bowls at the Scrap Yard Shoot Out. This attractions is open on weekends and Columbus Day for an additional fee of $5 for 15 shots and $8 for 30.

Corn Mazes

The theme for the corn maze is dinosaurs this year! This is the first time we actually completed the maze and it was really fun. This 12-acre maze is open on weekends and Columbus Day starting at 10am. Last entry is at 4:30pm. Don’t forget to scan the QR code before entering so you have the map on your phone just in case! There are 10 checkpoints throughout with trivia; guess the answer correctly and it will tell you if you should turn left or right.

There is also a smaller 2 acre maze, Spookley the Square Pumpkin, open daily and located next to the corn box. They did a great job combining a corn maze with a storybook trail.

Playgrounds and Play Houses

There are even more playgrounds and playhouses throughout the farm this year, as well as climbing webs, tunnel slides, and rope bridges.


The Wall Ball of Fun opened for the first time last year and is still one of my kids’ favorites. You use two strings to move the ball up to the top, without it slipping through the holes along the way. Kids and adults of all ages were playing when we were there, so give it a try!

My kids also really enjoyed the games along the paths like Roller Bowler where you try to roll the bowling ball so it stays on top of the hump (or between the two hills as they like to play) and the sports zone where you try your hand at all kinds of targets set up for soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.

Straw Mountain

It’s fun to climb around the enormous straw mountain (and take photos too!).

Free Photo Opportunities

There are several selfie stations with ring lights and cute fall scenes so you can sit with your family or group and get a free picture with everyone! Get everyone in position, tap the screen, and you have three seconds before the camera takes the photo. You can then have the photo emailed or texted to you.

You can also take your own photos around the farm of course. There are plenty of fun spots to discover and they upgraded their photo op game this year.

…And So Much More!

We also enjoyed pumpkin checkers, duck races, climbing the tire mountain, and more. There is so much at Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm that it’s easy to walk by and not notice everything! So make sure you check out their attractions page in addition to reading through this article so you don’t miss anything.

Pumpkins for Purchase

If you are looking for pumpkins, they are everywhere! You can pick up any pumpkin around the farm, by the store, or in the field off the vine and they charge by the pound.


Outside food is not allowed, but there are plenty of opportunities to get lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats. There are burgers, pulled pork, chicken, fries, and more. We were pulled into the smells coming from the grills before perusing all of our options last year and went to the chicken hut this year, but you can check out the food and drink page to choose where to eat.

There are several areas with picnic tables to take a food break while you are there. The tables are large and spread out across a few different fields. Siegel’s has a big barn with tables where you can eat as well, along with two bars. One even has adult swings while you enjoy your beverage.

We are also enjoying the dozen apple cider donuts we bought at the store before we left for $10 each half dozen. Pop them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and enjoy! They also sell warm donuts while you are out on the farm, individually for $2. There are bulk discounts if more people in your group want one.


There is a changing area as well as many outdoor bathrooms designed to look like outhouses across the grounds. We found them to be convenient no matter what area we were enjoying.


Siegel’s is open daily now through October 31, 2022 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Please note that last entry for the corn maze is at 4:30 pm.

Please note that the following attractions are only open on the weekends and Columbus Day:

  • 12-acre corn maze
  • Fly’n Farmer’s Trolley Lines (zip line)
  • John Deere Grain Train (tractor ride through the fields)
  • Mia & Miley’s Mountain Slide
  • Pumpkin Mine Kiddie Train (train ride where kids ride solo)
  • Photo op with the pumpkin princess
  • Scrap Yard Shoot Out (paintball shooting range)
  • The Whizzer
  • Cottonwood Railroad

However, there are still over 30 other attractions, rides, and games to enjoy during the week.


General admission is $24.95 per person at the door and $19.95 per person online. General Admission includes over 40 unlimited attractions for all ages. Friday through Sunday is $24.95, Monday through Thursday is $19.95. Those with special needs are $10, children 2 and under are free, and other discounts are available, such as an after-school special, which is $11.95 after 3pm during the week. If you follow them on social media and sign up for their emails you can find discounts there. Click here to buy tickets online before you go. Children under 2 years old are free. Parking is also free.

Also keep in mind that it’s cheaper to use cash once you are at the farm. Siegel’s charges a fee for every credit card transaction.

Updated in September, 2022 and pricing is subject to change.

Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm is truly for all ages. There are plenty of activities for little ones, such as the kiddie train, tractor rides, several different themed playgrounds, animatronic pumpkin show, petting barn, baby chicks, and more. Elementary school-aged kids will love the jumping pillow, climbing web, roller bowler, straw mountain, mega slide, duck races, tire mountain, train ride, etc. There is plenty for older kids, including paintball target shooting, jumping pillow dedicated for 12+, Wizzer and Saddle Up carnival rides, zip line, sports zone, enormous corn maze, and more.

Best Days/Times To Go

In past years we went on a Friday afternoon in early October and Saturday opening weekend. This year we went on the Sunday of opening weekend. We have never found any of those days crowded and never had to wait in line more than a couple minutes. Siegel’s says that the most crowded weekends are the third and fourth weekends in October.

Special Needs Accommodations

Siegel’s offers discounted rates for those with special needs over opening weekend, their final weekend, and every Monday including Columbus Day. Immediate family up to six people are only $10 per person with identification. When you are on the farm, you’ll notice plenty of areas to find a quiet place if your child is over-stimulated and most areas are wheelchair accessible.

Discounts for Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm

We recommend following them on social media and signing up for their emails to find out about exclusive discounts.

You can save money by bundling the extra activities if you are interested in those. The Weekend and Columbus Day All Inclusive Pass is $36.95 and includes general admission, gem mining, paintball, and the Cottonwood railroad. The Weekend and Columbus Day Combo Pass is $27.95, which includes general admission and the Cottonwood railroad.

They offer Military, Veterans, Police, and Firefighters free admission any date they visit when you bring your ID.

Grandparents are free Monday-Friday (except Columbus Day) with a paid grandchild entry, so every child can bring one grandparent for free!

Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm
17250 S Weber Road
Lockport, IL 60441
(815) 741-2693

You can also find Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm in our Guide to Pumpkin Patches.

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