Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes at the MSI Brings Amazing Characters to Life

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My kids and I excitedly cruised down Lake Shore Drive to visit the Museum of Science and Industry for our first museum trip in a full year. We were invited to visit a brand new exhibit, Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, which opens today, March 7. The museum has officially reopened and we were eager to see our favorite super heroes up close.

The exhibit, focusing on artifacts and original art from 80 years of Marvel comic and movie history, is spread across two galleries on the main level. We saw real costumes, movie props, and even an original edition comic book. There are three hundred individual artifacts on display.

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes at the MSI

Visiting with Kids

Visiting the museum of Science and Industry is an easy destination for families. The on-site underground garage is connected, so no rain or snow can cramp your style once you arrive. Stairs, escalators, or elevators take you directly to the main floor entrance to the galleries located just off the main rotunda.

This exhibit is bright and stimulating. The galleries are very dim with bright spotlights on the displays so they really pop. Comic fans and bigger kids will have a lot of reading material and detailed descriptions to peruse. My kids are eight and four, so we focused primarily on the “cool factor” and the splashy visuals. Very little kids might feel uneasy in the darkness, but we felt the exhibit was geared towards families and kids of any age, with plenty of space to walk and flat floors with no ramps or steps.

Our highlights were the life-sized super heroes you can pose with for a fun photo op and the augmented reality Iron Man experience. You can stand on a platform and watch yourself magically become Iron Man on screen! It blew my son’s mind and was his favorite part. My daughter loved the upside-down and life-sized Spider-Man.

I liked seeing the wealth of characters from Marvel’s universe, including Shang-Chi, the first headlining Asian character, and Miss America, the first Latin American LGBTQ character, who are represented alongside the most famous and well known characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther.

COVID-19 Safety

The Museum of Science and Industry is working to provide a safe experience for guests. Everyone over two must remain masked at all times and tickets are limited to allow for more distance between guests. Everywhere within the galleries we saw reminders to remain distanced from others. No-touch hand sanitizing stations were placed strategically around the exhibit, including at every photo op station where little hands might wander and touch the statues.

Tickets and Parking

Starting March 7, 2021 Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes will be open to the general public during the Museum of Science and Industry’s open hours, Wednesdays-Sundays 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. The exhibit will run through October 24, 2021.

Tickets are required to enter the museum and an additional special ticket is required for the Marvel exhibit. Entry to the museum is $21.95 for adults and $12.95 for children aged three to 11. Members are free.

Marvel exhibit tickets are an additional $18 for adults and $14 for children aged three to 11 or $9 for members of all ages. Tickets are available at

Parking is $22 per vehicle or free to those with a family membership. Arriving from Lakeshore Drive, there are clear signs that direct you to the underground lot entrance at 57th St. and Cornell Ave.

Museum-loving families may want to run the math on a family membership at $195. It includes discounts and free parking. My family of four would save money with a membership after only two visits. It’s a big treat to visit and worth doing some extra planning to find the best value for you.

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