Fun in the Sun at Schaumburg’s Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park in Schaumburg is a great outdoor spot for walking, biking, and sight-seeing. Most sculptures along the paths are kid-friendly for climbing, touching, and getting up close. My kids loved walking on the paths. We brought our stroller, and there was a paved path to follow along the sculpture walk. It was a great experience for both the mind and body!

The sculpture park makes a great day trip along with a visit to Meineke Park’s playground and ninja warrior-style challenge course.

Schaumburg Sculpture Park: Tips for a Fun Trip with Kids

Schaumburg Sculpture Park is located at the Village of Schaumburg Municipal Center, both in front of the complex and behind in the nature preserve. There are 20 acres of forest and paths to explore as you enjoy the art of American and international sculptors.


The first path to observe the sculptures is in front the of Prairie Center for the Arts. There is a paved path around the water fountain with sculptures along the way. One of the sculptures is embedded into the hill and allows children to climb. The kids loved this one! It reminded them of Te Fiti from Moana.

You’ll find more paths, and lengthier ones, behind the municipal center. These paths are great for biking, walking, and strollers. There are acres of beautiful meadows, forests, and paths to explore. It’s a great area for runners, bikers, and also young children to walk and just explore.

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The Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park is spread over the fast paths and park spaces around the municipal center. As you walk and reflect on each sculpture, you can read more about each on on the Interactive Map. The map helped us find all the sculptures and also shared more about each artist and their work.

The sculptures were created from artists all over the globe and gave nice reflecting moments, as we read the description of each. My kids loved climbing and interacting with each sculpture along the way as we read about the piece and artist.

The Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park

201 Schaumburg Court
Schaumburg, IL 60193
(847) 895-4500

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