Medieval Times Chicago (Schaumburg)

We had the pleasure of going to Medieval Times Chicago this past weekend and it was an experience that we would recommend! Have you seen the castle off I-90 in Schaumburg?

medieval times chicago castle

My daughter was so excited when we drove up to the castle and couldn’t wait to go in! She actually screamed with delight. No kidding.

medieval times chicago entrance

After buying tickets, getting your crown and taking a photo with the princess in the entrance hallway you enter into the main part of the castle where there is a large open space with medieval decor, royal chairs, knight armor, souvenir stands and photo opportunities. You can hang out in this area for a while or continue into the arena and seating area.

medieval times chicago arena

There really aren’t any bad seats. Obviously the closer probably the better, but it’s not like the United Center where you can’t see much when you sit at the top. There are six different sections with different colors, so you cheer for the knight of the color section you are in. Everyone is in character and has an accent. It’s well done and none of us felt silly getting really into it!

medieval times chicago lord chancellor

The Lord Chancellor is the narrator for the story (he paused for a second so I could take his picture). In the beginning of the show the horses displayed mastery of skills, then when the food starting coming the knights completed challenges and were in competition with each other, which was fun to watch.

Just like in medieval times, there isn’t silverware, so you eat with your hands throughout. Luckily they give you a wet wipe in the beginning as well as a warm, moist towelete towards the end. The food was surprisingly good. We had bread with tomato soup, a half chicken (as in a leg, thigh, breast and wing for each of us), corn on the cob, baked potato and a pastry for dessert. So even my son, who is eating a ton right now, didn’t go hungry! Pop, coffee and water are included, alcohol is extra.

After the meal, the knights jousted. It was intense and exciting! We were cheering for the red knight and waving our red flags. Our knight made it to the final joust, but lost to the green knight. Can you tell we got into it?! There was fighting with swords and other weapons, but all of the knights came out at the end of the show on their horses so it was confirmed that no one was actually hurt, which was great for the kids to see.

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This post is brought to you by Medieval Times, but all opinions are my own.


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