Bringing Kids to Immersive Monet Chicago

Immersive Experiences

My daughters and I had the amazing opportunity to experience Immersive Monet & The Impressionists in Chicago, and we were blown away by the artistry of the whole experience! The immersive exhibit creatively projects Monet’s stunning artwork all around you, covering every inch of wall and floor space and constantly moving around the room.

What a neat experience to be surrounded by Monet’s iconic and beloved water lilies! Beautiful, dramatic, classical music with a French aura accompanies the gorgeous display, leaving you feeling, at times, like you are part of a scene out of a picturesque French landscape from the Impressionist era. You truly are immersed in art from beginning to end.

Immersive Monet Chicago provided us with complimentary tickets to the exhibit; all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Immersive Monet in Chicago with Kids

Age Range

With all that said, some might ask what age range is best for the Immersive Monet. It is recommended for all ages, however, the music can be loud; with the dramatic effects and lighting, it might seem a little unsettling at certain parts for younger or sensory-sensitive kids. There isn’t anything interactive to do, either. The visuals are quite captivating though, and you know your kiddo best. My kids are of the teenage variety now, but I think they would have generally liked it during their elementary years.

Helpful Tips

The timed-entry show is about an hour long, but it repeats itself about halfway through, so if you arrive a little late, you can still watch anything that you missed. However, the earlier you arrive, the more seating there will be left on small benches throughout the room. We walked in a few minutes late and most of the seating was occupied at that point, but my girls had no issue issue finding a spot on the floor. Many others did, too. Standing is also perfectly fine!

Location and Parking

The exhibit is at Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago, located at 108 W Germania Place in Chicago. Parking was easy for us via the SpotHero app. We parked in the Bryant House valet garage on Clark around the corner from the venue, the Lighthouse ArtSpace, which is on Germania in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago. Street parking would be another option.

What to Do Nearby

Since the experience itself is no more than an hour, we decided to take advantage of being in Old Town with all the cute restaurants and shops. We got poke bowls for a late lunch at Aloha Poke Company on North Avenue. Afterwards, we felt it was a must to check out the trendy Crumbl Cookie shop on Wells Street—there are too many great flavors to list, all worth indulging in!

Ticket Prices

Pricing varies depending on the day of the week you attend and the time slot that you choose. There are children’s rates for ages 6–16, as well as basic, premium, and VIP ticketing levels. The best thing to do is to check their website for all the information. There is also a cool opportunity on July 24 and August 27 that is family-friendly called “Paint Like Monet,” where you can take an art class paired with seeing the immersive experience. Sounds like a very fun outing for artistic kiddos that includes all the painting supplies and a canvas to take home (as well as a glass of wine for parents!).

Overall, we give the Monet Immersive experience two thumbs up as a unique experience in the city for the family!

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