A Picture-Perfect Trip to Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva

Leaves are changing color and fall has begun, but the sun still keeps us warm enough to be outside enjoying scenic adventures. Fabyan Forest Preserve was a beautiful fall adventure for my family! This picture-perfect spot offers paths for hiking and biking, gardens for exploring, a river for kayaking, and plenty of photo opportunities along the way. Pack a picnic lunch and head to Fabyan Forest Preserve for a fun family outing!

A Visit to Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva

Fabyan Forest Preserve has two parking lots to choose from, depending on the direction you are coming from. The parking lot on the east side of the Fox River is off of Route 25 at 1500 Crissey Ave. The parking lot on the west side of the Fox River is off of Route 31 and located at 1925 S. Batavia Ave. The forest preserve trails span both sides of the river and are connected via pedestrian bridges. You can park in either location and cross the bridge to get to the other side.

Bring a stroller, if you have younger children, to help with the bridges and walking. I made my younger two hop in the stroller when we crossed the bridges because the open sides of the bridges made me a little nervous.

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Paths and Trails at Fabyan

Fabyan Forest Preserve has popular paved trails for hiking, biking, and riding scooters. They run on either side of the Fox River, with two bridges over the river connecting the sides. The day we went, there were a lot of individuals biking the trail along the river. I had to keep my kids close as we walked across the bridge with bikes coming up behind us.

In between the two bridges is a small island with a lighthouse and some benches for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view!


Fabyan Forest Preserve offers shallow waters to fish the Fox River. My kids saw tons of fisherman and couldn’t wait to bring their poles back another day. We saw people kayaking the Fox River too, but you do need to bring all your own equipment.

Fabyan Japanese Gardens and Tours

Due to Covid-19, the Japanese Gardens are closed to walk-in visitors. You can make an appointment for a private tour or check their calendar for tour dates. The gardens looked beautiful from afar, with a reflection pond and bridges.

Fabyan Forest Preserve Villa Museum and Windmill usually offer tours as well, but those are also on hold as of October 2020.

Picture-Worthy Spots

There are a plethora of fantastic photo spots at Fabyan Forest Preserve. Outside the Japanese Gardens are tunnels, gates, rock formations, and lots of open space with leaves everywhere!

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On the east side of the river is the historical windmill. It was such beautiful place to take pictures of the kids!

Picnic Shelters and Restrooms

There are plenty of picnic shelters on both sides of the river near the parking lots.

The restrooms were open to the public, currently. We always had the ability to socially distance in the gardens, on the paths, and near the picnic shelters.

Fun Fall Nature Hunt

My kids love to be on a mission when we are out exploring nature. I brought with bags for each child with a scavenger hunt stapled to it. Each bag had a crayon and a snack inside. It kept them busy and playful the whole time! Find this cute Fall Scavenger Hunt at The Printable Fairy.

Fabyan Forest Preserve
1925 Batavia Ave.
Geneva, IL

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