TILT for Incredible Views at 360 CHICAGO: A Unique Experience for All Ages

Immersive Experiences

Our city is beautiful, isn’t it?

I was born in the city and lived in the suburbs most of my life, but very rarely do we do the touristy things in Chicago. Honestly, I think it’s a missed opportunity. This past week we went to experience TILT at 360 CHICAGO, formerly the John Hancock building, and had such an amazing time! It was an immersive experience we will never forget.

My kids were in awe of the view and said multiple times that they never knew how beautiful Chicago was. It’s great to be a tourist in your own city and see it from a different point of view!

We were invited to experience Tilt, but all opinions are my own.


You can enter the 360 Chicago building on Chestnut Street by walking down the Garden Plaza stairs and into the base of the building or you also have the option of entering on Delaware Place and using the escalator to go down. The ADA entrance for 875 N. Michigan is located on Delaware Place. From there, take the elevator to the concourse level to access the 360 CHICAGO entrance.

After scanning your tickets, you are welcomed into an area with information and video about Chicago. The captions are in both English and Spanish. There are a few displays as you weave around towards the elevators up to the 94th floor.

The 94th floor of 260 CHICAGO is the observation deck. This was the best part! We loved walking around and looking out of each side of the building. There are stickers higher up on the windows to tell you which direction you are facing and what neighborhoods can be seen from each vantage point.

You can also download the Magnicity App to identify landmarks as you are looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows. Simply hold your phone up and the app will label buildings in the view. You can then learn more about each landmark by tapping on it.


The tilt ride is optional, but if you’re going to go up there, you should do the whole experience! There is a separate line for TILT, so take that into account when you are wandering around the space. There was only one group in front of us when we got in line, so it wasn’t a long wait. You can choose to go on TILT right when you get there or after you’ve hung out for a while depending on how long the line is.

Only eight people are allowed in the space at a time and you each have a viewing window with bars on either side to hold onto while the ride tilts 30 degrees down.

If at any point during the tilt you want to step back and take a break or stop tilting forward all together, it’s not a problem at all. You simply take a step back onto the flat ground.

We watched people of all ages experience TILT. Some people were mesmerized by it and stood pressed against the glass the whole time, and some pushed themselves far away from the glass because they were apprehensive. It seemed to depend more on your comfort level than age. Please note that you have to be 42 inches tall for TILT.

Kaitlyn from our team also took her family and they had a great time too. It’s definitely a unique experience and amazing view of the city!


The bar was super cool with friendly staff and there are also cloud-like chandeliers over the seating area.

It’s definitely worth getting something to drink and sitting along the windows to relax and take in the views. There are all kinds of drinks and snacks available, including alcoholic beverages and mocktails.

We enjoyed a Midway (pictured on the left below) and a Rainbow Beach and felt like we were on vacation.

Ticket Options

General admission is $35 for adults (12+ years old) and $25 for kids under 12. If you would like to add TILT, the ticket prices are $44 and $34, respectively. Sip, TILT, and View is $57.50 and $43.50 if you would like a drink and souvenir cup included.

You can save $5 on all ticket types if you purchase online.

All tickets require a reserved time, however you are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before or after the time you choose. Once you are up there, you can stay as long as you would like.


360 CHICAGO is open daily from 9am-11pm. The last entry is one hour prior to closing.

Best Time to Go

The weekends are more crowded than weekdays and the golden hour for sunset viewings is particularly busy as you can imagine. I’m sure it’s beautiful up there during sunset!


There are many accommodations at 360 CHICAGO to make sure that everyone can experience the views. Their elevators and restrooms fit wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers. Ramps around the observation deck make it easy to enjoy. Wheelchairs are allowed in Tilt, but you need to be able to stand to enjoy the tilt feature. As mentioned above, there are elevators off Delaware Place to bring you the concourse level where the experience begins.

Gift Shops

Please note that there are two gift shops at 360 CHICAGO. The first is up on the 94th floor in the middle when you get off the elevator and the second is after you go back to the ground level before you exit the building.

875 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(888) 875-8439

TILT at 360 CHICAGO vs The Ledge at Willis Tower

  • Tilt is on the 94th floor (1,030 ft) and The Ledge is on the 103rd floor (1,353 ft).
  • 360 CHICAGO is closer to the shoreline while Willis Tower is surrounded by more skyscrapers.
  • Tilt is more like a thrill ride because of the movement and The Ledge is stationary, but you can see through the floor down to the street below.
  • Tilt is $44 for adults ($39 online) for the least expensive option and The Ledge is $36 for adults Friday-Sunday.
  • Both accept the City Pass.

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