Leaf Hunt: Common Trees in Illinois

Fall is a wonderful time to take walks, especially since the weather has been so nice! I wanted to go on a leaf hunt with my kids but I’m not great at identifying what types of trees the leaves fell from, so I started looking for a simple sheet that we could refer to (like a leaf scavenger hunt) and couldn’t find a good one. Instead, we decided to pick up as many different leaves as we could and make our own. The kind people from The Morton Arboretum helped me to label the leaves. You can print out this page and take it along on your walks around the neighborhood or in the forest preserve. Try to find all the leaves on the page! Click here to download the Leaf Hunt (pdf file) and print it out. (You also could click on the image below and print it from the site, but the quality won’t be quite as good.)

leaf hunt

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  1. This is great- thanks!!

  2. Love this. Thank you! Will share with Go West Young Mom readers, too.

  3. This is great! I had my students bring 25 of the same leaves from home. Each student is giving one of their leaves to each other student. We sorting and classifying them by color, size and shape. Now we can do by name too!! Thank you for sharing!

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