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xcel 2 fitness

Does your son like to be active? Xcel 2 Fitness is a non-profit organization that uses the fundamentals of fitness to develop character and confidence through fun speed/agility, balance, strength, and cardio challenges while teaching the importance of teamwork, leadership, and goal setting in an exciting team based atmosphere. This program is growing quickly across the country and is just becoming available to local schools in the western suburbs of Chicago this spring!

Here’s a video to give you an idea of what the program offers as well as how it has made an impact in the lives of boys:


Ryan McLaughlin, a physical education teacher at Field Park in Western Springs (District 101), is the chapter president for Chicago’s western suburbs and can help you implement this program at your school. The 6 week after school program has twelve 1 hour sessions that occur two times a week. The 12 sessions are carried out through an action packed scripted curriculum and all equipment is provided to run the program. All equipment is donated to the PE department after the season to help support and show appreciation for our amazing schools.

At the end of the season all participating schools meet together to race an obstacle course challenge with their teammates. What a great event to tie it all together! This event is a way to empower boys to have the confidence needed to take on their obstacles and chase their dreams. Confidence is a huge part of growing up and Ryan believes that Xcel 2 Fitness helps turn boys into dream chasers. Talk to your parent organizations, school board, and your physical education teachers to bring this program to your school or pass this article along! Ryan is available to answer any questions you might have.

Ryan McLaughlin
Chapter President, X2F Chicago
(708) 829-1236

Website: www.xcel2fitness.com/
Facebook: Xcel 2 Fitness- Chicago
Twitter: https://twitter.com/X2FChicago
Instagram: http://instagram.com/xcel2fitness



This post brought to you by Xcel 2 Fitness.

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