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When WordScientists reached out to us, we were excited to learn about such a great resource for early reading and language! Their mission is to ensure all children’s right to read, by providing educators and families with the means to teach language and early reading. The WordScientists Team is comprised of education and technology experts who translate scientific research into practice.

This article is sponsored by WordScientists, a start-up in partnership with a nonprofit, the National Educational Support Trust, USA. They donate 9% of all revenue to make sure children in under-resourced areas have access to essential early reading resources.

WordScientists for Homeschooling Families and Remote Learning

The no-prep guides and teacher tips make sure you know what to teach and how to teach. They use the USAID Guidelines for creating decodable text that aligns with phonics instruction, so you don’t need to worry about missing any standards when learning from home.

We all know that learning doesn’t happen just from screen time. That’s why every video and activity from WordScientists has a simple guide to help you know how to get the most learning out of the time you spend with your child.

Why use WordScientists.org?

They offer a wide variety of materials.

See great progress while engaging your kids! Their interactive videos include fun teaching tips back by research and video modeling to captivate children. Decodable books with stories and informational text that have diverse characters and global themes allow students to practice what they are learning in phonics instruction. The tips and guides boost your teaching to improve reading outcomes with the help of literacy experts.

WordScientists covers all phases of early reading development as your children progress, no matter where they start.

WordScientists materials support pre-K to Grade 3 students, from the pre-alphabetic phase to the consolidated alphabetic phase of reading development. All activities are grounded in high-quality, cutting-edge research on the development of reading and oral language, on the basis of reading difficulties, with a focus on meeting the needs of English learners.

You can teach more than one child as if you were in a classroom.

Decodable books come in three different phases of reading development, so individual children can read stories or informational text that match their own reading skills while they can share reading comprehension and inference-making activities. Text-dependent questions for different oral language levels promote differentiated learning experiences, so you can respond to children’s variation in reading comprehension and language proficiency.

It enables you to make confident decisions to guide instruction.

Built-in progress monitoring assessments for each unit help you evaluate your children’s progress towards phonics instruction. Formative assessments at the end of each phase also help you confirm if your children are ready to advance to the next phase. You can also track progress with fillable, downloadable, and printable observation checklists.


Individual memberships are only $10 per month and include 1 teacher account, 2 student accounts, no-prep guides and activities, and their full curriculum. You can enjoy access from up to 3 different devices at the same time! Classroom memberships are $30 per month and can be used for up to 30 students. School and district memberships are also available. Save 25% with an annual membership!

How to Try WordScientists for Free

Head to their website: WordScientists.org to start your free 7 day trial. They are also offering webinars on Wednesdays at 3pm so you can learn more about the science behind their program and how you can apply the science of reading at home. WordScientists is giving away 30-day free trials to all webinar participants.

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