Valentine’s For Your Kids To Pass Out At School

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Have you seen the Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s cards? I love their selection of cards for your kids to pass out at school. There’s a great variety of creative and fun valentine’s, including scratch and sniff, tic tac toe, secret message decoder cards, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, jokes, and more.

This year my son chose their secret message red reveal cards and my daughter was a big fan of the chocolate scented scratch and sniff sweet treats cards. I appreciate the fun designs and there are enough cards in the box for the entire class! I feel like whenever I look for valentine’s for the kids, the box is always a couple short and it’s such a waste to buy two boxes. The Peaceable Kingdom valentine’s have 28 cards in each kit!

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With the increasing number of schools not allowing any food to be passed out, these are a great alternative. The kids can still have fun with the cards by smelling them, playing tic tac toe, figuring out the secret message and more… instead of just throwing them out!

You can find Peaceable Kingdom’s full selection of Valentine’s at this link. I’ve seen their cards at Paper Source, various toy stores, and Amazon, but I’m sure you can find them many other places too.

This post brought to you by Peaceable Kingdom and contains affiliate links. I am a huge fan of their products and all opinions are my own.

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