Valentine’s Day Felt Puffy Hearts


valentine puffy hearts

Toady’s guest poster is Emily (my sister)! She’s also a western suburbs local: technology consultant by day, random crafter and designer by night.

After Christmas decorations came and went this year, I was a little bit sad as I cleared off the mantel above the fireplace. But then I realized that I was missing an opportunity to decorate for Valentine’s day!

I was inspired to create something handmade and simple to fill some large glass hurricane jars I had. Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head as I remembered all of the red and white felt in the craft room closet! The idea for Valentine puffy hearts was born.

To make Valentine Puffy Hearts, you’ll need:

  • 8ish sheets of felt (I ended up making about 16 hearts to fill both of my jars, each at1.5 feet tall and about 5 inches in diameter, and each heart was made from a half sheet of felt)
  • glass hurricanes or apothecary jars
  • buffalo snow or batting
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

This project can be fun for older children, or kids can help you with the stuffing step.

I made my hearts all different shapes and sizes, but you can also start with a template and work from there. The old grade school method of folding and cutting half a heart works great here since the felt won’t crease. Make sure that two hearts match perfectly so you can create the 3D puffy effect.

Once you have a few pairs of hearts cut out, warm up the glue gun and put a small bead of glue at the very edge of the heart, running it from tip to arc, and immediately put the other heart on top – and i do mean immediate. hot glue is nice because it dries fast…and it’s inconvenient when it dries fast :) start off by gluing only the V portion of the heart.

puffy hearts action shot

At this point, call over the kids to stuff some buffalo snow, taking care to get all the fibers inside and not overfilling the heart. Next, glue the inner V so you have two openings at the rounded sides (this will be the trickiest part. Hold the pieces together so the glue will bond and the fluff doesn’t pull it apart). Stuff a bit more buffalo snow in both sides of the heart and finish gluing. Puffy Heart Complete!

Some pro tips:

  • Make sure there is glue all the way around in a continuous bead. When you stuff the hearts, any sections without glue will become obvious
  • The assembly line method is fastest. In other words, cut out all of your hearts, then glue 3-4 of the Vs and so you can stuff them in rounds after the glue has completely hardened
  • Contrasting stitching on the edges of these would be adorable! Try a simple whip stitch with white yarn on a red heart , or if you’re looking for a quick kid-friendly fix, punch holes in the finished hearts at equal intervals and weave a pipe cleaner through
  • Dress up the finished product with tulle or even a string of white lights
  • Tiny Puffy Hearts would make great adornments for homemade cards or even valentine garland

valentine's day mantle

Enjoy! And send us photos and ideas related to your puffy heart creations!

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