Top New Products for Babies and Families from the 2018 Chicago Baby Show

I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Baby Show at Navy Pier this year. This annual show features new and innovative products from car seats to baby toys. In addition to your usual products, there are also seminars and chats to allow families and soon-to-be parents learn about all the “tips and tricks of parenthood.” It was fun to wander around favorite and new brands alike. There were so many great things to choose from and enjoy! Here are my top picks from the Chicago Baby Show 2018.

2018 Chicago Baby Show Top Picks

Totes Babies Car Seat Carrier

This was a great invention! How many people struggle at the grocery store trying to figure out where to put their baby carrier? You should not put the carrier in the top of the shopping cart as it is not deep enough, nor stable enough to hold a carrier. When you place the carrier in the shopping cart, boom, over half of your cart storage is gone, which leaves you playing Tetris with your groceries. The Totes Babies car seat carrier slips right into your shopping cart to allow for a safe and comfortable sling for your car seat carrier, and you can still use the cart space for your groceries.

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Líllé Baby carriers

I was turned onto Líllé Baby by my best friend a little over a year ago. We had an older carrier from another maker for our first daughter, and it was time for an upgrade. Our son was, and still is at almost 3-years-old, a little joey who loves to be carried around. When we had our third baby, we suddenly ran out of hands! A good sturdy baby carrier is a must for us.

The Líllé Baby carrier offers so many different options. They are most known for their COMPLETE 6-in-1 Baby carrier (for children 7–45 lbs), offering 6 different ergonomic carrying positions for your baby. They also offer the Essentials 4-in-1, Toddler carrier (for kids 20–60lbs), wraps, slings, and even doll carriers so your children can carry their favorite doll or stuffed animal around with them. There are endless bells and whistles to these carriers, including pockets, lumbar support, sun hoods, and more. The company also boasts tremendous customer support. They had all of their carriers available to try on and use during the show. They even helped us wrangle our almost 3-year-old into the COMPLETE carrier without any trouble.

Pura bottles

Pura was founded in 2008, but the bottles did not become popular until almost 10 years later when they started winning awards for their versatility and adherence to safety standards. By 2016 they were the first company to achieve the NONTOXIC CERTFIED rating from MadeSafe. Their bottles are 100% plastic free, and the only juvenile bottle like it. Safety is not all that Pura is known for, though. These bottles are amazing in that they truly last a lifetime. There are multiple nipples and attachment pieces so the bottle will last you from babies through adulthood. I don’t know about you, but I can only tolerate so many mismatched sippy cups and lids. These bottles are great in that all the toppers are interchangeable.  Simple!

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BONUS: Nomi by Evomove

I had to include a blurb about the Nomi high chair. These are not on the market yet in the US, but they are expected in October 2018. Nomi is already winning multiple awards in Europe, and I imagine it will catch on here just as well.

These high chairs are unique in that they grow with your child. There is an infant attachment piece to allow your little one to come right to the table with you. The chair then converts to your typical high chair, with or without the tray. From that point, the typical high chair strap comes off to reveal a beautiful sturdy chair that will adjust for your children all the way through adulthood. This chair was sturdy, comfortable, and sleek. My kids climbed up and down multiple times without even the slightest tipping. My husband and I also sat in it and found it to be very comfortable and supportive. I liked the infant piece as we do eat dinner together as a family and like to bring our 4 month old with us to the table. We struggle to find someplace to put her that isn’t a bouncy seat on top of the table, or a bouncy seat on the floor. The Nomi chair solves that problem. We can’t wait for this find to arrive in the US!

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That’s all for my recommendations from this year’s baby show!  The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is around the corner, so keep your eyes open for suggestions of new and exciting items just in time for the holidays.


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