Toy Review: Thinking Putty Puzzle, The Mind-Stretching Logic Game!

We recently received Thinking Putty Puzzle, a hot new game that my 11 year old daughter absolutely loved! To play the game, you need to select a beginner to expert level challenge card, and attempt to solve it by connecting the dots of 6 different putty colors on a puzzle grid. The trick is to create thinking putty paths that connect the matching colored dots without intersecting!

As a parent, I also loved this game as it was really unique! It was a great way to stretch my daughter’s mind, sharpen her logic skills and keep her engaged all at the same time. In my mind, the best games are the ones that pair learning and fun! To give readers a sense of what was innovative and cool about this game, here are some questions answered directly by my 11 year old!

What did you like about the game and how would you rate on a scale of 1-10?

I liked this game a lot and would rate it a 9 out of 10! I think it combined creativity with the putty, and logic with the puzzle, which was really fun! The whole concept in general was really neat.

What made the game fun to play?

It was fun to stretch the putty and try to figure out how to solve the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you are given a card and need to put down dots in various places on the grid, then connect the dots without overlapping or leaving any spaces empty.

What age would you recommend this game for?

I would probably recommend this game for kids ages 6 and up (even though the game says 8 & up). The putty might be a little tough to stretch for younger kids.

Are you happy you got this game and do you look forward to playing more?

Yes! I’m really excited to play again. It’s a fun game to play alone or with a friend! The object of the game was really cool, the only downfall was the putty was hard to spread, but thankfully it wasn’t too sticky.

Was this game easy or challenging for you?

The beginner challenges were pretty easy so I’m excited to work up to some of the advanced level challenges. I liked the variety of levels and hopefully I’ll reach the expert level after lots of playtime!

Can a game this fun also help increase your brain power?

Yes! I think by playing this game more, I’ll also get better at figuring things out. It’s the kind of learning and thinking that’s fun, but it also exercises your brain power! It’s a good activity for a rainy or snowy day.

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