The Tadpoles Have Hatched! A Visit To The Morton Arboretum

We recently had the pleasure of going to The Morton Arboretum to see the newly hatched tadpoles! We always really enjoy the Children’s Garden and there is definite excitement around the pond this time of year.

morton arboretum tadpole sign

The tadpoles hatched about two weeks ago (around Mother’s Day this year) and they are moving around quite a bit now. There were kids of all ages stepping on the stones across the pond, looking at the tadpoles curiously, scooping them up and releasing them and giggling.

morton arboretum children looking at tadpoles

It was cute because kids I didn’t even know where so eager to share with me what they found and where I could see the most tadpoles all in one place. I loved seeing the excitement and wonder in their eyes!

morton arboretum tadpole

My kids wondered when the tadpoles start growing legs… I found this website that describes the lifecycle of a frog. It takes about 6-9 weeks for the legs to develop, so my guess is that will happen starting the week of June 21? Anyway, I wanted to let you all know of this fun opportunity for your kids to be able to see part of their development. It would be fun to go now and then again when the legs start growing!

And of course that’s not the only thing going on…

There is so much more at The Morton Arboretum to enjoy! My kids always gravitate towards the hedge maze (there is a short hedge maze for younger children and tall bushes for the older ones).

morton arboretum hedge maze

We made it to the lookout point and planned our exit route!

morton arboretum maze aerial view

The Children’s Garden is filled with beauty and enjoyment for every age group.

morton arboretum children's garden entrance

The water spilling over a movable stone ball towards the front of the Children’s Garden is simple, but so fun!

morton aboretum water globe

There is much to see, explore, touch and smell in the garden areas.

morton arboretum children's garden flower

It’s a great place for children of all ages. Not to mention for adults too- it’s so pleasant and easy to be there… walk around, take your time, and your kids will be so engrossed in their surroundings!

morton arboretum acorns

It took my kids a few times before conquering the tree houses and rope bridges, but they love it now!

morton arboretum rope bridge


Eating at The Morton Arboretum

You can pack a lunch and eat it on the tables outside (there are tables both in the Children’s Garden and outside the main building) or you have the option to buy food at the Ginko Café and eat inside or out on the attached porch area. We have also grabbed sandwiches at the café right outside the restaurant and eaten them outside. In any case, there are tons of options to make it easy.

morton arboretum eating area

Enjoy your day at the Arboretum!


This post brought to you by The Morton Arboretum.

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