Chicagoland Kids Theater Guide: Spring – Summer 2021

Sharing the arts with your kids is such an unforgettable, wonderful experience! And, thankfully, there are some amazing, family-friendly theater productions happening in the months to come throughout the Chicagoland area! Kidlist has you covered with an excellent listing of shows (both virtual and hopefully in-person, too) that include adult ensembles, all-kids casts, virtual puppet shows, and even audio adventures….

Reader Recommended: Best Birthday Cakes

We asked both the Kidlist Facebook page and email subscribers to share their favorite places to get a birthday cake (or cupcakes) and all of the responses were awesome! So here’s the compiled list of the reader recommended best birthday cakes. Please note that we were not able to include home-based bakers in this list.* Reader Recommended: Best Birthday Cakes and…