Spring Break… Worksheets?!

On Saturday I asked my kids what they wanted to do over spring break. I had just put together the Spring Break list of camps and activities the night before and was really excited about planning a fun week. They decided to make a bucket list and the very first thing they said was… “We want to do worksheets! Can you make worksheets for us?” My son even gave me topics for each day. My kids crack me up. Spring Break School! Sounds like an oxymoron to me, but hey, I’ll go with it.

spring break school

So last night I made eight worksheets and it was actually really difficult! I wanted to make them challenging, but not discouraging. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on sharing them here, but some of my friends were interested so I thought more of you might be! They are just handwritten and as it started getting late I started making mistakes and crossing out words… so don’t expect perfection. :)

We did the first round of worksheets this morning and it was fun! I graded their papers with a red marker and they even got some of the questions wrong, which I consider a victory. It’s so awesome when kids are challenged and learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. So look through the worksheets and see if your kids would enjoy them!

Look through the worksheets and see if your kids would enjoy them! You can click on the image and a screen will pop up with a free printable.



Telling Time
telling time


Letter Writing Practice
letters of the alphabet


Beginning Reading Words
beginning reading words


Multiplication and Division
multiplication and division

Faces and Feelings
faces and feelings


Synonyms and Antonyms
synonyms and antonyms


Important Numbers: Phone Number and Emergency Number
important numbers

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