Second City Camps, Classes, and Free Improv Shows are Sure to Bring Laughter to Your House

Activities at Home

Second City, the masters of comedy and improv, created classes and camps that you and/or your kids can do from home! Last week we went to their free, interactive improv show and it was so good to laugh and have that connection with others through comedy. I was impressed with how well they adapted to the online format. We really felt like we were seen and interacting with the actors on the screen! If you are looking for classes that will captivate and feel like an in-person experience, this is the closest we’ve found so far.

This article is sponsored by Second City, but all opinions are my own.

Second City Camps and Classes

Although The Second City Training Center has offered a selection of classes online for nearly a decade, the world’s largest school of improvisation has moved the majority of its programming to the web, where students have the opportunity to learn and connect with classmates and teachers in a virtual classroom.

Their 1-day and 5-day camps are perfect for beginners ages 4-18 and are available in three time zones. For the complete listing of online adult, kid, and teen classes, including one-time drop-in opportunities, visit or click here to jump right to the offerings for kids. Classes start at $25.

“Improv has always been considered a hands-on, human-to-human art form. What we’ve learned over the last two weeks is that the same magic that connects us in a classroom or on a stage transfers via the web. Our students are all at home practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t have to mean social isolation. These classes have been a lifeline for adults, children, and teens.”

Abby Wagner, VP of The Second City Training Centers in Chicago, Toronto, and Hollywood, as well as Harold Ramis Film School.

This video gives a great taste of their online classes!

“Kid and teen programming has been especially helpful during this time, as many parents are now balancing working from home, homeschooling, and keeping their high-energy family entertained. Parents have given our online camps rave reviews.”

Carrie-ann Pishnak, director of marketing at The Second City Hollywood.

Free Second City Improv Show

I have to admit that I was skeptical about an online improv show. My kids and I have been to a Second City show before and part of the experience is being in the audience. However, they pulled it off! We were laughing so hard and it was great entertainment. There were even interactive components! They asked for audience members to participate and we even had the chance to suggest ideas and answer polls.

The shows are every Thursday at 1pm (central time). Once you sign up for one show, you are welcome to join in every week if you would like.

Click here to reserve your “seat” at The Really Awesome Improv Show. It’s 100% family friendly and while my kids are 10 and 12, the audience members that were asked to participate were 5-7 years old and we think even younger ones would be entertained by it!

The Really Awesome Improv Show is free, but donations are accepted to The Second City Alumni Fund, a resource for performers and other members of The Second City community experiencing critical health and financial challenges.

About Second City

Founded in 1959, The Second City is the premier brand in improv-based sketch comedy. With sold-out shows playing seven days a week on stages in Chicago and Toronto, Second City’s Touring and Theatrical companies entertain an additional one million theatergoers a year around the globe. The Second City Training Center is the largest school of improvisation-based arts on the planet, with locations in Chicago, Toronto, and Los Angeles that serve 11,000 students annually. In 2016, the Harold Ramis Film launched, becoming the world’s only film school dedicated to comedy. Second City Works, the B2B side of Second City, has brought award-winning improvisation and audience-driven techniques to over 600 Fortune 1000 companies, challenging businesses seeking a more collaborative culture to innovate through development programs, original digital and video content, campaign consultation, private events, and more. Second City Entertainment’s foray into television and media continues to produce new content and programming, including two-time Emmy winner SCTV and the upcoming Martin Scorsese-helmed Netflix documentary exploring the iconic series’ enduring legacy.

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