Review: Bounce Houses at The Max in McCook

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There are three large Bouncy Houses at The Max: a circle arena, 60-foot obstacle course and a 17-foot slide. It is setup either on a large soccer field or basketball court, with plenty of room for running around as well. Socks are required and are available to purchase for $1.00.

the max bounce houses

Is there ample parking? Can you park close?

  • The Max has a huge parking lot. There is also an overflow parking lot across the street if they having a special event.

How much does it cost?

  • $6.00 per child. Or you can get a punch card, 10 visits for $50.

When are they open?

  • Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 3:00pm. The Max holds a lot of events, so they recommend you call first to verify the Bounce Houses are up that day. (708) 485-9900.

When is the best time or day to go? When is it the least crowded?

  • It is the least crowded right when it opens in the morning at 9:30, and then after 1:00 when smaller kids are at home for naptime. The nice thing is that because there are several bounce houses, if one gets crowded, my kids will just move to a different one.

Was it crowded when you went? or About how many kids were there when you went?

  • I go there a lot in the morning and we are sometimes the only people there. The most kids I’ve ever seen there at once is probably 10, maybe 12. And since it’s open so long, people will come and go during your visit. On our last visit there were four kids there.

Are there public bathrooms? Is there a changing table? Are the bathrooms kid-friendly?

  • There are a lot of bathrooms and they all have changing tables.
  • No special features that make it kid-friendly, but there are a lot of stalls, so no lines to wait in.

Is there a private space to nurse?

  • There is not a designated nursing area, but The Max is so huge it would be easy to find a private corner. There is also an upstairs viewing area that is usually empty during Bounce House hours.

What was your child’s favorite part of the play area? Least favorite?

  • They love the obstacle course the most. It has tall columns to run through and knock over and lots of little places to hide.
  • It’s hard to pick a least favorite, they really love it all!

What was your favorite part? Least favorite?

  • My favorite part is that the space is so big and there are so many different areas to explore. The kids get great exercise there, burn off energy and have a ton of fun.
  • The only thing that has been a problem is when older kids will kind of crowd them out of a specific house. As my kids have gotten older (now four), this has become less of a problem.

the max bounce houses 2Is it clean?

  • Yes, very clean.
  • The bounce houses were purchased in December of 2013 and are in very nice shape.
  • They sanitize the equipment a few times a month.

Was the staff friendly? Attentive? Pleasant?

  • The staff is very nice.

Is food allowed? Are there designated snack areas? Is food sold there?

  • There is a large sign when you enter that says No Outside Food or Drink. However, they told me a small snack or juice box is fine.
  • There are two places to purchase food: the mezzanine level has a snack bar and then there is a full-service restaurant as well, The Pub. The Pub has a children’s menu.

What ages do you feel the play area caters to?

  • I would say this is for steady walkers, about age two and up. If you have a bigger kid and a baby, there is plenty of space for the younger one to crawl around.

Is there an infant/baby area? Toddler friendly?

  • There is not a separate infant/baby area.
  • This place is good for older toddlers who are steady on their feet and bigger kids.

Anything else you want to highlight?

  • This is one of my favorite indoor places in the area. The amount of fun they have for the price is great. And because it’s so large, it’s easier to have a conversation with the other grown-ups. Great spot to meet up for a playdate.

The Max – McCook Athletic & Exposition
4750 Vernon Avenue
McCook, IL 60525
(708) 485-9900

Review by: Lisa Katzenberger, mom to four-year-old twins

Thanks Lisa! If anyone has something to add feel free to comment below.
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