Oak Park Family Recreates Famous Works of Art and It’s Brilliant

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Katie Bridge, her husband Nick, and their three kids took a teacher’s suggestion and ran with it this spring! During e-learning, their elementary school’s art teacher, Jenny Raia, inspired their daughters to kick off the project. The girls had so much fun recreating The Parasol by Francisco Goya that they asked their parents to do it again, but with the whole family! The Bridge family then went all in and committed to source clothes and props from what they can find around the house to stage one famous work of art per week through the end of the school year. You will be so impressed and entertained by the photo comparisons! We love how the Bridge family inserts some comedy into the shots with objects they choose and the expressions on their faces too.

The Parasol by Francisco Goya | oil on canvas | Museo Nacional del Prado

Portrait of Sir William Fairlie and Family by Robert Home | oil on canvas

Top: One of the Family by Frederick George Cotman | oil on canvas | Walker Art Gallery

La Familia Soler by Pablo Picasso | oil on canvas | Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège

Figures Dancing by Keith Haring

Top: After the Prom by Norman Rockwell | oil on canvas

Sistine Madonna by Raphael | oil on canvas | Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

In the Sea by Arnold Böcklin | oil on panel | Art Institute of Chicago

The Bridges along with friends who are equally enthusiastic about recreating works of art with their family, recently started an Instagram account called @ArtInCaptivity. Check it out!


Feeling inspired? The Getty Museum, based in Los Angeles, is asking everyone to tag them @gettymuseum and they might repost and share your creation with the world using #betweenartandquarantine and #tussenkunstenquarataine, so start creating! You can also click here to view more art recreations from around the world.

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Have a story or idea to share? We love featuring local families! Drop me an email at annie@mykidlist.com and tell me about what you are doing to keep your family going during this time at home.

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