If Your Kids Get Free/Reduced Lunch, Apply for This Summer Benefit by July 15

If your kids qualify for the National School Lunch Program’s free or reduced-priced meals during the school year, you can apply for special P-EBT benefits this year (the P is for “pandemic”).

This program is designed to help offset the extra costs of food while kids were out of school at the end of the year. The benefit comes in the form of a P-EBT LINK card that you can use on groceries.

If you already receive SNAP benefits, you don’t need to do anything else; you should expect the extra P-EBT benefits on your LINK card.

If you do sign up for the benefit, keep an eye on the mail. You’ll get a letter with a card and instructions on how to set it up. We’ve heard some people have received theirs in an unmarked envelope and nearly tossed it by mistake.

For more information and to register before the July 15 deadline, go to the P-EBT page on the IDHS website.

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