Now Open: Dream with Da Vinci at the DuPage Children’s Museum

Now at the DuPage Children’s Museum, the Dream with Da Vinci traveling exhibit captures the spirit of the original Renaissance man. Leonardo da Vinci applied his genius as a painter, inventor, sculptor, engineer, and more. This traveling exhibit based on his art and inventions is 2,000 square feet hands-on discovery and fun.

Flying machine at the Dream with Da Vinci exhibit at the DuPage Children's Museum

You might think a da Vinci exhibit would be all about history, and it does incorporate plenty of biography. But the focus is on “STEAM” subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Kids can spin clock gears, catapult blocks at a castle, construct their own bridge, mold clay, and dress up in Renaissance attire.

Dream with Da Vinci a busy, bustling exhibit full of motion. When you walk in, you’ll see parachutes sailing out of the wind tunnel and kids trying out a clever “flying machine” contraption.

It’s also a homage to the world of dreams and ideas. There’s a station where kids can try mirrored handwriting and learn about Da Vinci’s famously coded notebooks, as well as a wall where they can post their own dreams.

Dream with Da Vinci at the DuPage Children's Museum

Dream with Da Vinci opens November 19. It will be at the Children’s Museum in Naperville through April 2, 2017.  The exhibit is included with admission.

Check out the video tour below!

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