New! Ninja Monkeys + 50% Off Select Classes

Gemini Gymnastics Academy is now offering Sunday classes and all of them are 50% off in January! I know a lot of you are often looking for weekend classes, so I was excited to let you know. They also have fun new classes called Ninja Monkeys for 5-12 year olds and Mini Ninjas, which are also 50% off in January! Ninja Monkeys is the best of gymnastics, martial arts, and other ninja programs where kids get to train like ninjas and play like monkeys.

Why call it Ninja Monkeys?

Ninja: Mysterious and agile, ninjas were masters of their bodies and minds
Monkeys: Playful and creative, monkeys will stop at nothing to achieve their goal

What makes Ninja Monkeys unique?

For starters, the curriculum and goals for the classes truly are for everyone.  The four-year-old boy learning to walk on a beam and the nine-year-old girl learning to flip off the wall are both going to be challenged and excited every day.

What’s more than that, Ninja Monkeys is dedicated to the creative spirit of children.  In every class, kids work on simple puzzles and problem solving amidst their physical activities.  By mixing these little brain games into their workouts, kids associate using their whole bodies to work through challenges and develop an ability to truly focus.

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Finally, Gemini celebrates Little Victories and Little Failures.  It is so important that kids understand, at a young age, that making mistakes or missing a step is part of learning!  By acknowledging setbacks in a positive environment and working through it with them they teach Resilience and Grit.

The classes are 1 hour in length. One class per week is $95 ($47.50 in January!).

Want more ninja opportunities?

  • Ninja Camps… More info to come in the Spring and Summer
  • Ninja Nights… Events designed just for Ninjas full of games and activities
  • Ninja Birthday Parties… They are the best!  Ask the front desk for more information.
  • Ninja Monkey SWAG… There are some exciting things the kids will be taking home with them from class coming soon to celebrate their ninja-ness. Also, keep an eye on the pro-shop for cool new stuff!

For any questions about the Ninja Monkey Program please contact Tony via email ( or stop by the front desk and one of their helpful staff members will assist you.

Have a mini ninja?

Mini Ninjas is for ages 4-6 years old, however it is based completely on readiness, which means that they are willing to accept 3 year olds after a class evaluation. Mini Ninjas is all the excitement of Ninja Monkeys with all the child development benefits of a preschool program, created for girls and boys ready to move. The student to teacher ratio is 6:1 and classes are 1 hour per week. $95 ($47.50 in January!).

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How do you sign up for classes?

Head over to the Gemini Gymnastics Academy Parent Portal. You can search for classes based on age, day of the week, or type of class.

Don’t see a day/time that works for you?

Gemini opens additional classes for 3+ kids. So if you have a different time in mind, gather a few friends! If you have a request and they have a coach available, they will make it happen as soon as possible.

This post is sponsored by Gemini Gymnastics Academy, located at 330 Washington Avenue in La Grange, Illinois.

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