Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians: Free Class Event + Promo Code for Kidlist Readers!

Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians is dedicated to imaginative, organic, and skill-building play through music. They’re hosting their ninth annual fall FREE class event on September 4, 5, and 7 . . . and Ms. Clara is offering a $25 new student discount for Kidlist readers! Read on for all the details.

Kidlist welcomes Ms. Clara from Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians as a guest contributor to share about her special music classes for little ones.

Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians Fall Sessions Start Soon!

In this digital age of ever-alluring “screen time,” igniting the creative spark in children through the simple joys of interactive and imaginative play has never been more essential. Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians’  fun and engaging music classes are designed to fully captivate your little one and inspire creativity and connection that extend far beyond the classroom. 

“We love Ms Clara’s Mini Musicians! Our 2-year-old son gets such a kick out of playing the various instruments and now has started singing the songs in the car on the way home from music class and at home. He even makes up his own lyrics and then laughs hysterically!

The class has really helped him to overcome his shyness and “insecurity” of crowds and active groups of people and children. Now he fits right in and asks to go to class all the time.”

Jason R., dad of one mini musician

Our music classes are always packed full of joy, fun, and laughter, but our “secret” goal is education, not simply entertainment. So whether we are hopping around like frogs, twirling around like autumn leaves, or helping the local carpenter build a house, we are targeting both musical and non-musical skills such as active listening, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, turn-taking, vocal exploration, language development, etc.

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So often we see parents return again and again, starting the entire program over again with each new child in their family. 

“Having watched my son grow in leaps and bounds each week in music class over the years, I couldn’t wait for his younger sister to start class. We started her in music as soon as she turned 4 months old, and now at 4 years old, music is her favorite thing in the world.

She requests songs from class all throughout the day, and nothing lights her face up more than when we listen to Ms. Clara’s albums and sing/dance along together at home.” 

Teresa S., mom of 2 mini musicians 

Why Parents Choose Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians

“Initially, I didn’t understand the impact Ms. Clara’s class had on my son until one day we were driving and he was cranky and crying in his carseat . . . as soon as I started playing the songs from class, he was silent and engaged in every note.  It was remarkable!  I wished I had tried it sooner!”

Jamie H., mom of one mini musician

“We recently signed up for the winter session and immediately downloaded the songs so we could listen to them in the car.  This week we had our first snowfall during rush hour . . . eeek!

I had a crying baby in the back seat, in snowy traffic and the minute I put on Ms. Clara’s CD she stopped crying and listened happily to all the songs as we made it home.”

Tere S., mom of one mini musician

As beneficial as these classes are for little ones, we also love watching friendships develop among the caregivers in our classes. Each class starts with a 10 minute “community time” in which we put toys out for the children, while adults have some grown-up time to socialize with other caregivers in the area. Over the years, strong friendships have developed in our program, making these classes not just a music program, but a community.

“I love watching acquaintances become true friends in class. I often run into groups of moms and dads in town and think to myself, ‘Wow. They met in my music class years ago, and they’re still friends!’ Friendships turn a neighborhood into a community, and I’m so happy and grateful to provide a space for these relationships to grow.”

Clara D’Onofrio, founder and owner of Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians

Fall Classes, Free Class Event, and a Discount for Kidlist Readers

Our fall session is just around the corner, and we’d love for you and your little one (4 months – kindergarten) to join us for our fun, interactive, and educational music and movement classes.

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Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes are available, and fall classes begin Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

View our schedule and register online, email, or call (708) 704-1716 for more information.

Enter KIDLIST25 for a $25 new student discount! (New students only.)

And be sure to join us for one of our upcoming Free Class Event on September 4, 5, and 7, 2019. Click here for more info

Finally, don’t forget to check out our 5-star reviews on Yelp, listen to sample songs from class and watch our class videos on YouTube

We look forward to welcoming you to our Joyful community!

About Ms. Clara

Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians offers a curriculum that is unlike any other early childhood music program. Founder and owner Clara D’Onofrio combined her strong background in early childhood development (she has an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University) with her lifelong musical education to create a curriculum that targets both musical and non-musical skills.

Over half of the 200+ songs and rhymes are originals written by Ms. Clara with clear developmental milestones in mind, and a professional recording of all songs from class is included in your child’s tuition, along with an illustrated lyric coloring booklet that brings the songs to life.

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Location and Contact Info

Ms. Clara’s Joyful Learning Center
9213 Broadway Avenue
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 704-1716

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