Movie Review: Tomorrowland (PG)


Earlier this week, I was able to attend the screening of Disney’s new movie that premieres today, called Tomorrowland (rated PG).



The movie begins with the story of a really adorable little boy who is full of hope and has the spirit of an inventor. Through a series of events, he is led to a futuristic city where it seems like anything is possible. At this point in Tomorrowland, it’s mostly all about the dazzling scenes and special effects – and they definitely are special. The movie was overall really impressive and interesting to watch.

tomorrowland movie jetpack

I enjoyed one of the conversations between the father and daughter. They said something like this, “There are two wolves, one is darkness and despair and the other is light and hope. Which one wins? …Whichever you feed.”

While I do think the core message of positive thinking, perseverance, and accomplishing anything you put your mind to was a good one, there were several points in the movie that made me cringe as the mother of young children. There are robots, that look completely like humans, that are decapitated and one of the robots is hit by a car, which was jarring. I think the fact that there wasn’t any blood was supposed to make it less upsetting, but I felt that it was very realistic and would be hard for children to process.

All in all, I think the concept of this movie was interesting and visually appealing, but the previews did not prepare me for everything that happened throughout the course of the film in order to determine if it would be okay to bring my children. I know that many kids are not sensitive to scenes like I described and would be completely fine seeing the movie, but I thought you would appreciate being able to make an informed decision. I would consider this movie to be borderline PG-13.

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