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This morning, a Kidlist reader wrote me an email and said, “We watched A Christmas Story for the first time with the kids and now I am dying to show them the leg lamp in the windows of houses, of course now I can’t remember at all where I have seen them.” So we posted her question to the Kidlist Facebook page and everyone chimed in! If you are looking for a house with a leg lamp or just want to get in A Christmas Story mood, check out the houses in the list below!

Houses with a Leg Lamp

The following houses were suggested by members of the Kidlist Facebook page and quoted below.

“There’s a full size one on Bloomingdale rd. It’s the first house next to the McDonald’s right off lake (going north on Bloomingdale rd)” – Susan B.

“There’s one on the east side of Gilbert between 47th and the tracks in La Grange!” – Liz H. and Katie R. posted the same response at the same time. :)

“One in Naperville on Sleight just south of Chicago. Added bonus…the house is amazing!” – Erin M.

“Saw one in Manchester, naperville! Where they have the lights show.” – Sondra J.

“Yes! Bonnieglen Drive New Lenox” – Jen S.

“Glendale heights. Nw corner of Sidney and Amy.” – Jen V.

“Yes one by us in Elmhurst on York road! And we watched it for the first time last week too…. We loved it!” – Becky V.

“One in Springdale [Western Springs] on 52nd Pl. near Howard. South side of street.” – Vanessa C.

“House on the southwest corner of 48th and Ashland in La Grange.” – Amanda B.

“The corner of 41st and Howard in Western Springs” – Jessica W.

“Lombard, Grace St. North of the tracks, want to say around View. East side.” – Diana L.

“Drury Lane in Westchester just east of Westchester Blvd. on north side of street” – Amber C.

“Year round on Carpenter Street in DG . For the past 6 years.” – Jessica N.

Carrie C. commented that there was a “live” musical version of A Christmas Story on tv last week. It might be On Demand or on a streaming service if you want to check it out. She said her family taped it and it’s soooo good!

A homeowner in Western Springs saved the original wooden crate for their leg lamp!

You can find the best holiday lights in our lists linked below, which have photos, descriptions, and maps so you can plan your route!

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Looking for more holiday fun? Visit our Winter Holiday Fun Guide for tons of ideas for the whole family.

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