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Have you heard of The Kindness Rocks Project? Per their website, their goals are to “inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way” and to “recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.”

Annie’s dad (the original illustrator of the Kidlist kids) had fun painting these Kidlist rocks! If you find one, make sure to tag us: @kidlist #mykidlist

How to Make a Kindness Rock

Find a smooth stone and paint with acrylic paint or oil-based Sharpie markers. The design can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like to create! On the bottom, you can note your location or group if you’ve decided to join one (more on that below). Seal with non-toxic clear sealant so your painting won’t be ruined after the next big rain. Leave your rock in your neighborhood to be found and enjoyed! I explained the process to my sons and they loved the pay-it-forward, small-acts-of-kindness feeling to this project.

Stumped on how to decorate? There are tons of great inspirational ideas for rock painting on Pinterest!

Also, a good warning from The Kindness Rocks Project website: “When dropping your rocks or installing an Inspiration Garden, be sure to acquire permission. It is our goal to promote respect and consideration for others while spreading kindness. It is frowned upon to drop anything in our National Forests and National Parks, where they have a LNT (Leave No Trace) policy for visitors. Please do not leave markers or paint for others to add inspiration as you cannot be sure that people will be respectful to the environment.”

Anyone can join in and paint rocks to be placed around your neighborhood. The Kindness Rocks website has many locations listed on their interactive map, but we have also found many local Facebook groups in the area. This would also be a great project for a Girl or Boy Scout group, Birthday parties or just a rainy afternoon at home! My kids and I have had a great time going on “rock walks” looking for more smooth stones to paint.

Where to Find a Rock Painting Group Nearby

We’d love to see your rocks—please tag #mykidlist on your Instagram or Facebook posts! If you have a rock painting group, leave information in the comments!

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  • kathleen payne corbin ky 40701
    April 29, 2018 6:23 am

    we love painting and hunting the rocks it so much fun. i was so stress out that i starting coloring in books and my friend got me in to painting rocks.


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