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Kids in Sports specializes in movement, agility, and sports classes for kids 1-8 years old! We recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Kenny Colon, and his enthusiasm for encouraging and motivating kids to succeed is contagious. Kids in Sports is opening their first Illinois location in Naperville this August and we have a sneak peek for you so you can see the space and learn more about their classes. Kids in Sports is also offering free trial classes the weeks of August 9 and August 16, 2021 so your kids can try it!

They have a large area with two sections, one for ages 1-2 years old and the other for 3+, with different customized equipment in each. It’s a lively environment with dance music that adds to the excitement. The Kids in Sports coaches are passionate, nurturing individuals who bring smiles, energy, and positive reinforcement to each class.

Kids in Sports for 1-2 Year Olds (Walkers and Above)

The classes for ages 1-2 year olds are 45 minute parent participation classes which mix play with skill building. Coaches guide the group through the space featuring soft play and modified sports equipment.

Here’s a sample class so you can get an idea of the flow:

Classes start with 15 minutes of free play followed by cleanup time. The coach then begins circle time with mats where parents assist with movements while being guided through interactive exercises, songs, and opportunities for learning. They mix colors, shapes, and numbers with movements. There is then 10 minutes of stretching with songs, a few minutes to run, and opportunities to improve agility.

At the end of the class, the group learns the sport of the week. They rotate through basketball, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, baseball, and flag football. How do such little kids learn how to play these sports? With specialized equipment and instruction! Kids in Sports has proven methods to teach even the youngest kids how to play and their excitement when the kids succeed is palpable.

For example, in the beginning they teach the kids how to kick small, colorful foam cubes during the soccer unit. They found that if little kids use balls right away, they spend most of their time retrieving and less time being able to kick and learn skills. Coming up with innovative ideas, such as soccer cubes, enables the kids to see and feel success, which translates into excitement about the game.

Classes for Ages 3+

The classes for ages 3 and up are 45-60 minutes separation classes that focus on honing more advanced sports skills. Specialized coaches take the fundamentals introduced in the first two years and build upon it with competitive activities, games, and drills. These classes are also a great way for your child to build independence by participating in the activities on their own.

Here’s a sample class so you can get an idea of the flow:

Instead of starting with free play, these classes jump right into organized sports activities. The kids get moving right away with a series of warm up exercises, from high knees to sprinting, with fun and funky music to keep the energy level high. They then move onto stretching, learning proper techniques with a silly twist to keep everyone laughing while they learn. Next, sport-specific skills of the day are taught. These activities begin enforcing proper techniques structured around age appropriate goals. For example, for football kicking, the kids are now directed to kick the ball through a small field goal post, instead of just a generalized foot-eye coordination striking skill. These classes incorporate healthy competition to instill sportsmanship and teamwork that will stay with them for life.

Classes for Special Needs

While there are no special needs classes currently on the schedule, Kids in Sports encourages parents to inquire if they are interested and groups can be formed.

Free Trial Classes

Kids in Sports is offering two weeks of free trial classes: August 9-14 and August 16-21, 2021. Click here to reserve your spots!

Location and Contact Info

Kids in Sports is part of TOCA, formerly Players Indoor Sports Complex in Naperville, located next to Naperville Park District’s Fort Hill Activity Center.

Kids in Sports
TOCA Naperville
1740 Quincy Ave
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 470-6400

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